McDonald’s Poland Best of M

McDonald’s Poland releases Best of M limited time promotion

McDonald’s Poland latest promotion features what could be a first for McDonald’s – Broccoli in a crispy batter.

McDonald's Poland Best of M

Up first is the Chef Burger. Described as “Juicy beef, gourmet mushrooms fried with spices in butter and melted Emmental cheese, encased in a delicious bun with cheese and bacon. The composition great complement slice of juicy tomato, mayonnaise and mustard.”

Next in the line-up is the Double McRoyal Tasty. “The golden sesame bun with two solid, juicy portions of beef and two slices of crisp bacon. And that mild melted Emmental cheese, crumbly lettuce, fresh onion and tomato. Flavor complements the exquisite, original sauce.”

I love the translation of the next burger, the Woodcutter – “Cheese cake surrounded by golden batter, juicy beef, two slices of bacon, crunchy green salad and roasted onions on a bun cheese and bacon. Flavour complements the unique sauce of spices.”

Then there is the Broccoli with Cream Sauce – “The delicate florets of broccoli in a crispy batter, served with a creamy cream sauce.” From memory, I don’t believe we’ve seen this type of side dish from McDonald’s Corporation.

Finally the Best of M promotion features Twisted French Fries with Cream Sauce. We’re hoping we might get some sort of Twister French Fries in the UK at some point.

We’ve seen the cheese patty and mushrooms on plenty of European McDonald’s before.

Are they two ingredients you’d like to see in the UK? And what about the Broccoli in crispy batter?

A day after McDonald’s Japan shock the world with chocolate coated fries called McChoco Potato, we see a healthier release in Poland – could this make its way to Happy Meals in the UK?

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