McDonald’s Le M Bacon

Review of McDonald’s Le M Bacon – France

What they say:

He is back! A meat prepared beef, chopped and seasoned accompanied by French Emmental cheese, bacon, crisp salad of two tomato slices, deposited all on toast baked on stone.

Price: €4.90 (approx £3.75).

Calories: 625 kcal.

The classic “Le M” first appeared on McDonald’s menus in France in 2008.

Since then, two recipes have been available for a limited time: “Le M Bacon” and “Le M Blue Cheese”.

The French burgers “Le M Classic” and “Le M Bacon” are back in France from May 31 to July 4, 2016. Let’s review Le M Bacon.

Simple and tasty

Just two typical French words are able to characterise “Le M Bacon”: simple and tasty.

At first sight, even the packaging is simply designed: black for “Le M Classic” and grey for Le M Bacon with minimalistic white text. There are no bright colours or huge font size – a simple and elegant burger box.

McDonald’s Le M Bacon
Promotional packaging…

After opening the packaging, the simplicity remains relevant: the stone-oven bread hides a classic slice of “Emmental” French cheese (the first thing you can smell!), some Batavia leaves, two slices of tomato and a slightly-spicy beef-steak. That’s all. No fatty sauce, no excessive fat.

McDonald’s Le M Bacon
Simple and tasty…

Nevertheless, the burger is remarkably tasty!

The stone-oven bread is slightly toasted, floured and quite hearty. Tastes of meat and cheese are predominant which is relevant to French consumers. The meat is quite thick and its taste is really sublimed by a good spice mixture.

McDonald’s Le M Bacon
McDonald’s Le M™ Bacon…

Finally, the crunchy Batavia and the tomato slices give a final, refreshing taste. Curiously, the meat is slightly fat which compensated the lack of sauce. “Le M” is finally not so dry.

If you have looking for new or creative tastes, “Le M” is not made for you.

“Le M” is just original by its simplicity. The taste is concentrated on the meat and the cheese. This is not surprising that “Le M” is a French burger!

McDonald’s Le M Bacon
Latest McDo LTO…

More information is available on the McDonald’s France website.

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Le M™ Bacon









  • Quality and mix of flavours
  • Not too fatty
  • The stone-oven bread


  • Not too much “bulking”
  • The lack of sauce can "displease"