Burger King Gold Angus Supreme

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Review of Burger King Gold Angus Supreme – Summer BBQ 2016

What they say:

100% Angus with an extra thick patty and smokey bacon on a brioche bun.

Price: TBC.

Calories: TBC.

The Summer Barbecue promotion returns to Burger King for 2016 and included in the line-up is a new burger – the Gold Angus Supreme.

Burger King Gold Angus Supreme
Brioche arrives at BK…

We reported on the release of the new Summer BBQ range last week around an air of confusion.

The Angriest Whopper was scheduled alongside Party in the Park until today (1st June) but the BK website was suddenly updated on Saturday (28th May) to show the new Summer BBQ range.

To add to the mystery, when we were in Cardiff over the Bank Holiday weekend I walked past two BKs on the High Street and in both they showed no signs of the new promotional material.

Anyway, as we understand it, the Gold Angus Supreme and the rest of the new burgers should now be available at all Burger King restaurants in the UK. And last night, I got to sample it…

I’d touched upon the “Gold” appearing in the burgers name in our original Summer BBQ menu reveal.

Basically, I’ve seen promotions dubbed “The Gold Collection” in European countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

It’s almost like a “premium” style branding and with the Gold Angus Supreme featuring a brioche bun and an extra thick patty could this be BK’s foray into offering gourmet-style burgers in the UK (a bit like McDonald’s Signature Collection which offers thicker patties and brioche buns)?

Burger King Gold Angus Supreme
Burger King Gold Angus Supreme…

The first thing I noticed about this burger when it was wrapped in its Angus packaging was the sheer size of it. This is a big burger! Very big!

The brioche looks good actually with that trademark shine. It’s the first time BK in the UK has done a burger on a brioche bun but unfortunately this seems to be the norm these days. That said, this was still one of the better buns from the King & Co.

The patty is very big and the circumference of it is actually bigger than the brioche so it protrudes out ever so slightly (which again is not common for a High Street burger).

The patty is quite thick too compared to a regular BK burger or the Whopper patty. It was enjoyable though. I described it in my notes as “wholesome” and one of the better I’ve had from Burger King.

Burger King Gold Angus Supreme
BIG patty…

The beef patty was lacking in greasiness which was a positive and surprisingly quite juicy which was a bonus.

On the Gold Angus Supreme you’ve also got my favourite, crispy onions which were decent but I found the bacon looked more like bacon bits than rashers of bacon.

This burger very much reminded me of my pre-Burger Lad existence. A friend of mine used to join me on a semi-regular lunchtime jaunt to BK when we used to get the BOGOF vouchers.

My go-to burger back in those days would be the Steakhouse or XT Steakhouse and the Gold Angus Supreme is near identical to that burger with the crispy onions, BBQ-ish/Steakhouse sauce and bacon.

This one just has the thicker patty and the new brioche. Enjoyable, but nothing too new if you’re familiar with the Steakhouse.

As ever, this latest limited time promotion is finished with the standard issue lettuce, tomato and dreaded mayo which wasn’t too offensive.

Personally, I’d like this build to exclude the mayo just for once and swap the fresh tomato for pickles. But as these are made up to order and you can have it your way then this doesn’t pose too much of a problem if you want to add/drop/swap toppings.

Burger King Gold Angus Supreme
Steakhouse similarities…

Running alongside the Gold Angus Supreme is the Crunchy BBQ Whopper (we reviewed this under the Texas Crunchy Whopper guise) and the Nacho Cheese Tendercrisp.

It’s a pretty respectable LTO from Burger King and the plus points are definitely the patty and the new brioche bun (although a bit late to the party).

It shares a lot of attributes with the Steakhouse, so if you’re a fan of that burger and looking for a bigger patty then you are in luck.

More information can be found on the Burger King website.

Burger Lad®

Gold Angus Supreme









  • Patty
  • Brioche
  • Crispy onions


  • Mayo
  • Tomato
  • Steakhouse clone