Burger King Three Pepper Angus

Review of Burger King’s Three Pepper Angus

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/

What they say:

Pep things up with the 3 Pepper Angus: 100% Flame Grilled Fully Certified Aberdeen Angus Beef, Creamy Peppercorn sauce, spicy coated Pepper strips and, if that ‘aint peppery enough for you, all topped with Pepperjack cheese.

Price: £4.99 for the burger only, £6.49 as part of a meal.

Calories: 827 kcal, 1,253 kcal for the meal.

After the horsemeat scandal in January Burger King re-released their Angus range in June.

Better late than never, Burger Lad® decided to get in on the act and try out the Three Pepper Angus.

Having got myself on the McWanted list recently I was looking forward to trying the peppery promotional product from The King and Co.

I cannot work out why their website has not been updated to include the range but their Facebook page has.

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
The latest Burger King Angus range…

The first mistake I made was leaving it until late July to go and try it out – I walked into the busy restaurant to find a whole host of kids because of the school holidays.

The trouble is that BK seems to want to have a skeleton crew as there were just four employees and only one of them making the burgers. Plus people were ordering their new range of frappés, fusions and other gelato-related gip which appeared to require a lot of manual faff.

In fact, it was close to 20 whole minutes from walking in to getting my burger. And that was only with about 6 people in front of me! Not good enough BK…

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
100% guaranteed beef…

Anyway, I finally scored my latest burger hit and took it away moaning about the long wait.

The Three Pepper came in a promotional Angus box and I chuckled at the “guaranteed beef” statement.

Opening the box, the burger was wrapped in an additional wrapper which I’d not seen before. But it had been put together rather nicely – no wonder the queues were so big!

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
The Burger King Three Pepper Angus…

I took my first, expectant bite and got a hit of that creamy, peppery sauce. It’s not as strong as a traditional peppercorn sauce but I liked it quite a bit and went in for another taste.

The pepper strips gave a bit of a crispy kick as well. I could have sworn one had onion in but there were definitely green and red peppers there too.

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
A creamy, peppery taste…

This burger did not last long but I made sure to break off a bit of protruding patty to try on its own. It was pretty disappointing and lacked that flame grilled taste I expect of a BK patty and was fairly dry.

Mixed amongst the sauce though you don’t really notice it and the lettuce was very fresh and crunchy. I think a bit of raw onion would have been a welcome addition on this Angus adventure.

I am sad to report that I didn’t really pick up much of distinct flavour from the cheese but it probably contributed to the peppery taste of the sauce. I also liked the buns they use on the Angus range, they are very apt at coping with their tasty interiors.

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
Do you want a shake with that lifting the lid shot…?

Overall, this was a pretty impressive offering from BK with a good variety of texture and flavour.

Despite the patty dryness the individual components fused well together to make for an enjoyable limited time offer.

At £4.99 it is a very expensive High Street burger and weighing in at a whopping 827 calories you probably should save this for a one-off occasion! As I finished it I heard a voice in my head saying “think of the calories” which made me smile inwardly.

I anticipate this being around for a while yet as Burger King don’t seem to change their promotional products often (or update their website).

More staff next time please BK during a busy lunchtime! With that let us take one last look at the Three Pepper Angus, again apologies for the pictures.

Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger Review
At 827 calories this is my first and last…

Burger Lad®