Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger

Review of Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger


What they say:

Two skin on boneless Chicken Thighs with Cheddar Cheese and some Fino Coleslaw, served in a Portuguese Roll smothered in Barbecue Churrasco PERinaise.

Price: £7.45.

Calories: 664 kcal.

I do like Nando’s. What I don’t like is the term “a cheeky Nando’s”. It’s stupid and meaningless. But I do like the place.

OK, the chicken is often a bit salty and it can be expensive for what’s on offer (although just look at the price for this burger – very reasonable). But every now and again it hits the spot.

And in March-time they added this Churrasco Thigh Burger to the menu – perinaise, cheddar, slaw and of course two Nando’s signature thighs, with sauce to your liking.

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger
Nando’s Churrasco Burger…

I picked the medium sauce. Didn’t feel like the hotter offerings today – the kind of stuff Burger Lad® eats for breakfast without blinking (hot every day without fail).

The Churrasco Thigh burger is served in a “Portuguese roll”. I suppose that means it is some kind of Portuguese style rather than coming from Portugal.

There’s not a lot I can say about Nando’s. Everyone knows it. There’s a lot of chicken and a couple of non-chicken things on the menu, but really if you aren’t keen on your poultry, you probably won’t like Nando’s.

The Fino slaw that comes with this is made with spring greens, beetroot, carrot and a yoghurt dressing, while the perinaise, I’m assuming, is mayonnaise made with Nandos’ peri peri stuff.

So, a short wait and my burger arrived. The Portuguese bun looked to all intents and purposes like an oval ciabatta roll. And as I ate, it was tough and crispy, but softer on the inside, just like a ciabatta too. It was good.

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger
Cheeky Nando’s for the Admiral…

The medium sauce is a slow build, initially tasting like there’s no spice at all, to a more rounded kick toward the end. I probably could have done with the “hot”. My side dish was the spicy rice which is also quite mild.

I’m not going to say this was the best burger I’ve ever had, but it was really very tasty. Very tasty indeed. The bun was good, the slaw described above gave a wonderful crunch all the way through, and certainly added considerable aesthetic appeal. Look at the colours in the picture!

The cheddar cheese was a slice, and I liked it being there, although I feel it, it could have been melted a bit more.

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger
Well presented with hints of colour…

The peri Mayo ensured, along with the yoghurty slaw, that this was a messy meal and that the chicken inside never felt dry.

And that brings me to the chicken itself. All too often, breast is served. However thing has both better taste and texture than breast. Stop the sniggering in the back, I’m still talking about chicken.

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger
Those fantastic colours once again…

Good chicken. As a chicken restaurant, mega-corporate chain or not, Nando’s knows chicken.

It’s tasty stuff, cooked perfectly and the two thighs fitted perfectly in the bun. Colours and flavour all over the place, this new menu item was dressed to impress, and indeed I was suitably impressed.

Nando’s Churrasco Thigh Burger
Nando’s know how to do chicken…

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