Fayre and Square Pizza Burger

Review of Fayre & Square Pizza Burger

Website: http://www.fayre-square.com/

What they say:

A cheese burger with tomato sauce wrapped in a pizza bread, served with chips, onion rings and a dressed mixed leaf salad garnish.

Price: £7.99.

Calories: 1,212 kcal for the burger only – ouch!

Welcome to the latest guest review from our PBC, Andrew.

In fact, we’re going to stop calling his reviews “guest” as this burger fiend is very much now a mainstay on your favourite urban burger review website.

When I saw the ‘Pizza Burger’ email pop up I knew straight away it would be Fayre & Square as I work very close to one and this had caught my attention once or twice.

Weighing in at nearly half of the recommended daily calorie allowance for an adult male, Burger Lad® is proud to present the Pizza Burger

Making the most of having a lot of family members tinkering around for a couple of weeks, and not having to drive, when the opportunity to have another burger and beer or seven presented itself out of the blue, I was disinclined to turn it down.

Fast forward forty-five minutes, and we are all sitting at the table at the local Fayre & Square.

This particular chain has a lot of properties throughout the country, including some attached to Premier Inns, and appear to be quite well known for their giant desserts (which I understand are available to take away as well).

No lemon meringue pie the size of Mr Salmond’s ego today, I’m here for a burger, and what an intriguing one it is too.

The pizza burger.

Fayre and Square Pizza Burger
Fayre & Square website image…

This is the kind of place where you order at the bar, take away your drinks and wait for your food to come. So, I duly did so, and returned to my table with a tray full of drinks.

Within an extremely short time, the food arrived.

The pizza burger was presented on a paper-covered square block of wood (fayre and square I suppose). Beside it were a generous portion of pub chips and some salad things.

The menu here appears to strike a balance between American diner and British pub classics, which is a darn fine balance in my view.

Fayre and Square Pizza Burger
A “fayre” plate for £7.99…

The pizza burger is essentially a burger, some cheese and sauce in a bun made of pizza bread. As a result it’s quite thin, but very heavy going. Deceptively filling. And because it’s closed, its innards retain heat just as a Calzone does, so watch out!

There aren’t a lot of toppings to provide comment on. The chips to the side aren’t amazing. They are perfectly ok, and definitely of the pub-style thickness.

The burger itself is weird in a good way. It’s definitely a burger, but definitely has a pizza-ness to it. The bun is doughy and, did I mention, very filling. The cheese gives the burger itself a flavour boost and keeps it from being too dry.

Fayre and Square Pizza Burger
Fayre & Square Pizza Burger…

It’s square too, which is also interesting. And no tomato inside – good, good, good.

Taste-wise, I don’t think it’s going to have any gold medals but it’s suitably intriguing for me to recommend.

It definitely ticks both boxes it set out to achieve, namely pizza and burger. I’d probably have something different next time, and there’s a couple of interesting hot dogs on the menu, as well as some other burgers.

Fayre and Square Pizza Burger
Would you try the Pizza Burger…!?

The Fayre and Square website has the whole menu set out in an easy to navigate layout, and there’s almost certainly one near you.

Thanks Andrew for checking out the Fayre & Square Pizza Burger. We all look forward to seeing your next 21st century burger adventure!

Burger Lad®