Jack in the Box Bacon and Swiss Buttery Jack

Review of Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack

Website: http://www.jackinthebox.com/

What they say:

New, signature burger with a juicy 1/4 lb beef patty topped with melted garlic herb butter, layered with strips of hickory smoked bacon and real Swiss cheese, with a dab of creamy bacon mayo on a soft and airy, perfectly toasty new gourmet bun for a sublimely juicy taste that is melt-in-your-mouth amazing.

Price: $4.99 / $6.99 combo.

Calories: 887 kcal.

Jack in the Box is a 24-hour fast food place of which there seem to be several in the Phoenix area. In fact, I think I’ve seen more of them than any other chain here.

They sell breakfasts too, tacos and burgers all day long. I ordered the Bacon and Swiss from the Buttery Jack range. This range is served with garlic and herb butter, a relatively unique ingredient in the burger world.

I chose to have curly fries and I was given a little pot of buttermilk ranch sauce to dip them into. Butter rules here, and you might prefer somewhere else if you don’t like butter. Not a problem for me.

The burger was served in a box with the Buttery Jack branding and the fries in a little paper bag. I tried the fries first, opening my little pot of sauce. This stuff was delicious. The fries were also very good.

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
Unassuming branded packaging…

They were golden, very, very crispy. With the excellent sauce, this was a really good side dish.

But while I was enjoying those, the distinct aroma of garlic butter was beckoning me in.

I opened my box and saw the burger inside a paper wrap, keeping as much heat in as possible. The smell was really very good. If I hadn’t have been hungry already, I’d have wanted this anyway.

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
Smells fantastic…

Opening up the wrap, I saw that the look of this matched the smell.

Firstly, it was extremely hot, not the sort of lukewarm we often associate with fast food. It had just been made, rather than left on a shelf for any length of time. The hot butter of course had something to do with it too.

Its size wasn’t massive but I was happy with that.

The bun was both soft and strong at the same time, with no puppies in sight. Strong enough. It started to crumble but was very soft and squashy to the touch. It also had a lovely glazed lattice-effect top. One of the best fast food buns I’ve ever had.

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
Check out my bun…

Inside was as gooey as you’d expect of something made with butter and cheese!

The Swiss cheese all over the patty here was very melted, like fondue, and it stuck to the beef as if its life depended on it.

All the way through, the garlic butter wafted into my nose. It wasn’t too strong a smell as garlic can be, but was visible all over, with little green flecks of herbs dotted around (or “erbs” as Americans seem to say). Very very good burger.

No messing around with toppings here. You get your cheese and bacon and the rest of the work is left to that fantastic garlic butter. In this particular case, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce quite possibly would have ruined it.

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
Buttery Jack…

Plain, simple and very effective. The squashy bun and not melted contents sunk into the light pressure of my fingers. It was like eating the world’s most delicious cloud.

The bacon was of the streaky variety that seems popular here. It was crispy and gave its gentle bacon tones which worked well with the garlic.

And finally, the beef. On the box we are told it’s a new signature patty. I’ve never been to Jack in the Box before, so I can’t compare it to the old patty.

It was reasonable. I can’t rave about it as much as the rest of the build, but it was substantial enough and meaty with the usual fast-food level of cooking – i.e. well done.

Jack in the Box Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack
Butter, butter everywhere…

I was impressed. The presentation was outstanding and the experience (which includes the smell and feel of the burger as well as the taste) was also outstanding.

I’d definitely have this again if Jack in the Box ever decides to make a daring voyage across the Atlantic.

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