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Review of Yeah Burger at Strongroom Bar – The Yeah! Burger


What they say:

All of our burgers are cooked medium [slightly pink]. If you’d like them cooked otherwise. Let us know when ordering. The Yeah! Aged beef patty, American cheese, Gherkin, Yeah! Sauce, salad.

Price: £7.95.

Calories: Unknown.

This started with a big disappointment. I had my eye very much on the current special – a chicken Kiev burger with the patty inside the chicken. But it was sold out at 4.30pm on a Monday which struck me as odd.

It was later confirmed to me that the special had in fact finished the day before and shouldn’t have still been on the menu.

I had to make do with The Yeah! – I feel that generally a burger that carries the brand name is a signature burger and also has the benefit of longevity that a special doesn’t have.

The Yeah! Burger from Yeah! Burger…

Anyway, while the Kiev was going to take half an hour, the Yeah! came out quickly.

A very dark glazed bun had been selected and its shine really did look the part. I could also see right away that there were red onions, lettuce and tomato making up the “salad” element.

I could do without the tomato frankly, but that’s personal taste. It was a pretty impressive stack with copious amounts of sauce, both white and orange. So it was obviously going to be a messy affair.

Having read the blurb on the menu about Yeah’s suppliers and the Hereford Aberdeen Angus beef, I was very enthusiastically looking forward to it. It is always a good sign when a burger joint can tell you where the beef comes from.

Yeah! it looks good…

It was time to tuck in and get started. As soon as I picked it up, the sauce was everywhere, as expected, and I ended up with a blob on the floor that was very close to getting my shoes.

The first bite confirmed two things.

Firstly, it was a well-made tasty burger, but secondly that it was overcooked. The blurb said medium and I did confirm that when I put the order in.

But while there was a touch of pink right in the centre of the patty and little bit of juice coming out when I pressed it with my fork, the overall feel of the thing was more medium-well done.

That was a bit disappointing but also a great shame because there is clearly a vast amount of pride in the beef and overlooking is like killing it all over again.

Yeah! it’s messy…

The Yeah sauce had quite a strong tang to it that more or less dominated the burger. I’m not sure if I liked it. I think I might have preferred something a little milder perhaps, but it was certainly unique which can’t be knocked.

Back to the patty and despite the cooking issue, the beef blend was actually rather good. There was a definite taste to it, packed perhaps ever so slightly to tight, but that probably has more to do with the cooking than the actual mix.

It was a good burger overall and I love the pride in the sourcing but I’m afraid on this occasion the cooking spoiled it for me. There’s significant potential here though, so I’d definitely go back for a second bite.

Yeah! it has a lot of potential if cooked right…

Yeah Burger has locations in Shoreditch and Kings Cross and quite an interesting menu with a selection of wacky burgers (caramelised banana for example) and more traditional offerings.

For the price, the burger is a substantial size, and certainly at the Shoreditch location, you can accompany it with a fantastic tank beer.

Entrance to the Strongroom Bar…

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