Three Brothers Burgers – Blue Brothers Burger

Three Brothers Burgers – Blue Brothers Burger


What they say:

Our burgers are made in house, using 28 day aged Herefordshire beef, served in a soft, glazed brioche bun with Three Brothers house dressing, baby gem lettuce and red onion. Our burgers are served pink, please let us know if you prefer yours well done.

Price: £8.00 for the burger only.

Calories: Unknown.

About three months ago now Burger Lad® was sent a link from a good friend saying “I bet you’ve seen this.”

Well I hadn’t. He’d sent me a link to a great forum and this particular thread was discussing guess what…!? BURGERS! I soon joined in the conversation and felt right at home.

Because on there you have passionate people talking about & sharing photos of burgers they’d either eaten out or made themselves. And there are some really good creations going on!

Anyway… I’ve asked these good folk if they want to contribute to your favourite burger review website and I’m over the moon someone has accepted our invitation.

Burger Lad® presents Yetman and the Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger.

So, I’d planned to cook dinner for my family this evening, promising them fish and home-made chips. Everybody loves home-made chips so of course, they were very much looking forward to it.

As the end of the working day drew closer however, it was drawn to my attention that today was National Burger Day… WHAT? How could I not have known this?!?!

So the fish and chips were straight out the window, the wife stormed off in a mood, the kids were in tears but Burger Day is Burger Day and if I ate anything else but a burger on that day well then I’d never be able to live with myself. I’m sure they’ll understand one day.

So off I sauntered to a fairly new and promising burger joint in Bristol town centre, on a boat no less.

The exterior looked welcoming, and they had a sign up saying ‘National Burger Day!’ which got rid of any remaining shreds of guilt I had from earlier….see, it is important. There’s a sign.

The interior was swish, clean and I was immediately attended to by a nice Australian waitress and taken to a table and asked if I would like to eat today. Well of course young miss, for it is of course, National Burger Day!

Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger
Inside Three Brothers Burgers…

I ordered a pint of Czech Pilsner while I chose my burger. The online menu seems to imply that there are only 1/2 pints, and 2/3 pints available but that’s lies. Pints are available and excellent beer it is too. The burger next, and after less than a minutes thought I went for the SMOKEY BRO BURGER.

Described as:

Single patty topped with smoked Applewood cheddar, sweet cured bacon, house-made relish and crispy onions.

Excellent. I was also informed that the burgers come pink in the middle, and that I could have it well done if I wished… well, I’m usually a cook-it-right through man but when one is in the company of a chef who obviously knows what he’s doing, I tend to trust him. So pink it is.

10 minutes later my burger arrives, looks good, the chips look amazing, even more so when I coat them with the secret spice mix.

I give the burger a quick quality check but I’m bloody starving so tuck right in before I can realise that something is amiss….

I’m nearly halfway through it, noting the slight bitterness of the cheese, the softness of the bun, and the sweetness of the caramelised onions when HANG ON A SECOND…….there should be bacon!

And these onions should be crisp! How could I not have noticed?! They’d given me the wrong burger!!

Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger
Amazing looking chips…

Well, I called the waiter over and explained that I’d been given a different burger to what I’d ordered. He was immediately apologetic, noting that I’d been given the BLUE BROTHERS BURGER (described as a ‘Single patty topped with caramelised onions and Alex James from Blur’s “Blue Monday” cheese) instead.

He then offered to give me my fries for free. ‘Hell’ he said, ‘make it the beer’. So he’s given me a £4.50 beer for free….. which was nice of him, as I’d already demolished half of the burger.

Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger
Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger…

The thing is though, I was secretly glad he’d messed my order up, because I would never have ordered a burger with blue cheese on otherwise, let alone anything with the simpering twot Alex James’ handle attached; But it was lovely.

I usually expect a toasted bun, but this wasn’t, and it worked. It held everything together beautifully. The potentially overpowering strength of the cheese was balanced by the sweet tang of the caramelised onions, and the pinkness of the burger only made it more juicy, no blood thankfully – this chef knows how to make a burger!

Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger
Excellent burgers and customer service…

So this was a lesson for me today. I learned how I can like blue cheese on a burger, how toasting the bun isn’t absolutely necessary, and just because lettuce is there, it doesn’t mean tomatoes have to be……

I smashed the lot, and with the 20% off I also got for it being NBD meant I got everything, including the drink, for less than £9.00!

I look forward to going back to try the Smokey Bro, because if they can bowl me over with a burger I shouldn’t like, I can’t wait to see what they can do with a burger I will definitely like.

Three Brothers Burgers Blue Brothers Burger
Final look at the Blue Brothers Burger…

Once again a massive thank you to Yetman for this guest review – hope to see you again soon for the Smokey Bro!

Burger Lad®