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The Strand Burger with Double Gloucester Cheese & Bacon

Review of The Strand Burger with Double Gloucester Cheese & Bacon, Cheltenham


What they say:

If you’re after great, honest pub food then look no further than The Strand. All our food is freshly prepared on a daily basis by our very talented chefs.

Price: £10.00 with Chips and Salad.

Recently we have been concentrating on the Great Tastes of America promotion from McDonald’s and neglecting the local, independent places offering good burgers. Tonight, however this was going to change…

The last time I set foot on the premises known as The Strand you could drink cans of Red Stripe and the place was known as Café Tabac. But let us not taint this latest review from Burger Lad® by mentioning that name again.

It seems I turned up on the wrong evening as The Strand offers a Gourmet Burger night every Wednesday. From 6pm and for £6.50 you can choose from a 6oz beef, spiced lamb, black bean or chicken burger served with potato wedges and salad and load your chosen patty with extra toppings at 50p each. Maybe next Wednesday…

We grabbed a couple of window seats and watched the world pass us by while sipping on our drinks. I was on the coke but soon switched to Beck’s Blue to fill that beer void.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!? In fact, I shocked even myself and did not consume one bit of alcohol all evening (OK maybe 0.005%) and had a great evening. This may result in a fairly coherent review… possibly!

We just about managed to get a food order in before the kitchen closed (I think it was about 8:45pm) and soon we were presented with a tidy looking burger housed in a brioche bun.

I was impressed with the presentation – it had a compact, neat finish and nothing was spilling out over the plate so some care had been made despite this late hour. This burger would not be appearing on the latest episode of ‘Embarrassing Burgers’.

Our Merchandise Sales Director was excited!! He had only ever seen a Burger Lad® review on YouTube and he went with the tempting lamb and Tzatsiki.

The Comissioner for Secret Menu Items looked on in total disbelief as the first thing I tried was the fresh looking salad which had been lightly tossed in a subtle tasting vinaigrette. “And Burger Lad goes for the salad first.”

I took my first bite of the burger and immediately noticed a great meaty taste. I later asked one of the friendly and helpful bar staff where they get their meat supply from and I was informed it is Peter Jefferies & Son based in Charlton Kings.

The beef was fresh, juicy and tasty and was cooked medium with just a hint of pink now and then. The patty also had fried onions dotted in it (I think) and was seasoned to perfection. After all the ‘High Street’ burgers I had reviewed recently it was good to be back eating quality. I was also glad to have chips and not wedges but some sauce or relish for them would have been welcomed.

The cheese was thick and had a congealed quality about it. I don’t say this in a bad way as it mixed it up with the fine bacon and beef to give that classic combination. Sat proudly on top of the thick cut bacon it had quite a strong flavour. I assume the bacon was from the same butcher so this is definitely a local burger…for local people.

I was surprised by the lack of mayo on board this but it was not dry in any sense and the brioche bun held well as I quickly finished this enjoyable supper. The lettuce did look a bit wilted but this was due to living under the strain of that delectable beef above it.

We were originally going to review The Swan (pub opposite, not made of Swan) burger but it had been closed for a private party. It was nice to see a colleague (not falling down steps) and her other half and she informed me that it is a definite must so that will be the next stop on our 21st Century burger adventures…

Overall, this was an enjoyable little number and I would go back to The Strand in an instant as it has a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere with no sign of pretentiousness. I would definitely like to find out what range of toppings they have as sadly I could not find this information.

If you are at the top of the High Street in search of some liquid and burger revitalisation I would recommend popping into The Strand – the burger is grand!

And on that note we’ll leave you with one last look at their 6oz beef burger with Double Gloucester Cheese and Bacon…

The Brewery is holding a burger festival 10th-16th June so come and check it out as your master of ceremonies Burger Lad® will be there to cut the ribbon. You can find out more here.

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