The Inn at Welland, Homemade Angus Burger

Homemade Angus Burger – The Inn at Welland, Malvern


What they say:

Homemade Angus beef burger, cured bacon, Monterey Jack cheese warm flaguette bread, tomato relish & fries or hand cut chips

Price: £11.95.

Nestled in the shadow of the picturesque Malvern Hills, lies a delightful little area called Welland – all rolling fields, farms and rich people in tweed – it’s a place where Hobbits could come and retire.

The recently refurbished Inn at Welland’s interior is rustic farmhouse chic serving variations on traditional pub food. It is here that you will find the homemade Angus beef burger with cured bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, warm flaguette bread, tomato relish and the option of fries or hand cut chips.

In traditional Burger Lad® style there simply wasn’t anything else this particular reviewer looked at on the menu! An old friend once parted some rather life affirming pearls of wisdom, he said – stroking his Fu Manchu moustache, while crossed legged ready for meditation – “You can tell the quality of a pub, by the quality of the burger.” I’m glad to tell you that the Inn at Welland is of a high quality.

When the burger arrived I gasped and almost dropped my handbag! It was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, only made out of meat. There was no way this beast was going to be picked up without a battle. After a few attempts, I decided I wasn’t manly enough, so resorted to a knife and fork (sorry folks)!

Inn at Welland

The burger itself was cooked perfectly, the meat nice, soft and slightly crumbly with not a hint of gristle. The slice of bacon was more like a slab, a bit fatty but really good taste. It went very well with the cheese. The roll was very soft with a hint of olive oil and was garnished with mayonnaise.

The tomato salsa came in a separate pot – it was good, though a little more tang would have moved it from ‘good’ to ‘splendid’!

The only slight disappointment (but only slight) were the chips. I didn’t get given the option of what type of chip I wanted – naturally I would have gone for the French fry, but alas I was given the home cut chip. They were very good, but I think I would have preferred the fry!

Inn at Welland

The burger comes in at a wallet wilting £11.95, which is quite expensive, but no different than many other bistro pubs out there. But this was probably the best I’ve had in a pub for a good while.

The staff were all young (that’s a sign that I’m now old), but the service was excellent and they couldn’t do enough for you.

Overall, if you’re feeling a little flush with cash, the Inn at Welland is lovely pub with impressive food and a burger fit for the hallowed pages of Burger Lad®!

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