The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger

Review of The Dragon Inn Worcester, Salt Beef Burger


What they say:

HomeMade Beef Burger and Chips £5.00. With Salt Beef and Pickles £6.50.

Well well well… after being convinced to try the burger at The Dragon in Worcester here I am with another review. My co-pilot on this mission was Little Gem and he did an admirable job of filming the latest episode of Burger Lad TV which you can see below.

I kicked off my latest 21st Century burger adventure with a Dortmunder Pils. It sounded pretty German and after the amazing burgers in Berlin tour I thought it was quite fitting despite the high price. I have since learnt that the high price is to keep the unsavoury Worcester crowd out, and there are many that fit into this category.

I had gone in to The Dragon hoping to stay undercover but that was blown within five seconds as Little Gem knows all the staff in there. I was also introduced to Harley the dog who barks on demand when “kill” is said.

I really chuckled as I placed my order to the charming bar wench cause on the blackboard/menu there was a list of banned topics of conversation. Funnily enough my own “story” was not on there. Later he smoked a Belgium “Belga” cigarette and was ever so attentive giving us condiments such as ketchup, mayo, mustard and even my favourite BBQ sauce.

Quite simply put this burger is amazing! Tucked away on the Tything, The Dragon is the absolute last place you would expect to find a burger of this quality and at £6.50 is truly outstanding value.

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger Review
The Salt Beef Burger from The Dragon, Worcester…

I went with the Salt Beef option and was shocked at just how high this was stacked. I was later asked if it was the best burger I have ever had. I had to be honest and say it was in my top five and as it stands it is definitely in my top five. As I write this I am actually tempted to go back today to have another it was that bloody good!

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger Review
Jaws like a snake required…

The burger was loaded from the bottom up. Lettuce, bacon, Swiss cheese, patty, melted cheddar, raw onion, tomato, salt beef and then gherkin spears. Everything tasted ultra fresh and I am told the salt beef is even done on the premises and it really tasted good.

The actual patty was moist, not greasy and was homemade with an amazing taste and texture. I cannot stress just how good this burger was. It really was a massive mouthful. In fact if it was a Transformer it would be called Megatron because it really was flipping mega!

The salty bacon was an absolute delight and that salt beef was ever so subtle. I was told mustard should be had with the salt beef so maybe next time.

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger Review
Straight into our top five…

This really was a kick ass burger and I cannot stress just how good it is and recommend getting in The Dragon ASAP to check it out. Amazing presentation and taste, the bun fell apart a bit but it was expected when packed full of such lovely ingredients like this.

It was served with homemade, thick cut chips. Although they were nice my own personal preference is fries but they were cooked well and tasted good, especially with some salt and my old friend BBQ sauce.

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger Review
At £6.50 you won’t find many better burgers…

I was so impressed with this burger I even started Burger Lad TV again and I think the video is really made by the chuckling Little Gem, he really is a little lettuce bless him.

If you are not a fan of high street burgers and want to try something that is amazingly fresh and tasty, exceptional value and served with a smile then get yourself to Worcester, check out The Dragon and whatever you do get the salt beef option. At £6.50 it is an absolute steal. In fact I am out the door now and going to get another…

With that let us take one last look at the salt beef burger with pickles from The Dragon, Worcester. Well done this is truly amazing!

The Dragon Inn Worcester Salt Beef Burger Review
Bacon, salt beef, swiss…

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