T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger

Review of T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger

Website: http://www.tgifridays.co.uk

What they say:

We’ve combined the finest ingredients and exciting new flavours to give you our best ever burgers.

Our 7oz* flame-grilled burgers are made with prime cuts of beef from the British Isles. We use chuck steak for flavour and beef brisket for tenderness.

All burgers are freshly grilled to order and served on a glazed brioche bun with fresh tomato, red onion and crispy fries.

Price: £11.99 with crispy fries.

Calories: Secret.

Last weekend Burger Lad® received a tweet from T.G.I. Friday’s asking if I would like to try their new hand-crafted burgers, due to be launched on Wednesday 2nd April.

What was more up my street was the promise of a secret burger which was not even on the menu. Instructions on how to order this new secret menu item may be shared with you at the end of this review…

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger
The new Bruce Lee hand-crafted T.G.I Friday’s burger…

While the London burger reviewers scoffed at T.G.I.’s invitations, with comments such as “they were good in the 90’s” etc. I was ever so grateful of their generous offer.

So as the “elite” burger brigade quaffed at London’s Best Burger final on Sunday, your favourite High Street Burger reviewer checked out the new additions to T.G.I. Friday’s menu.

After all, the capital is not so accessible for the entire U.K. but T.G.I.’s are nationwide and we are the people’s burger website™.

I liked the look of the new hand-crafted burgers.

The Monster 2.0 sounds exactly as it says on the tin! The French Dip, served with a rich beef gravy for dipping is tempting, as is the Bruce Lee which features hot Sriracha sauce that has been used by Subway USA and recently as a Pringles flavour over in the States.

Finally, the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger confirms that nowadays you can’t go anywhere without pulled pork popping up on the menu (he writes with spice rubbed pork shoulder in the slow cooker).

But these new burgers would have to wait because on this occasion we had to have a look at this mysterious burger not even featured on the T.G.I. menu!

Now we’re no strangers to secret menu items at Burger Lad®, having created our very own inventions at the labs of BLHQ. The Daily Mail online even featured Hack the Menu this week, almost like a sign telling me I had to try the Jack Burger.

So we placed our order and the burger was so secret the waitress didn’t fully understand what we’d asked for and replied “Jack’s Salmon?”.

We briefly explained and luckily had the letter sent to us by T.G.I. so it wasn’t long before the Jack Burger arrived.

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger
The brioche bun was served ajar…

The Jack was a 7oz burger topped with a cracking chilli con carne style mixture of red and green peppers, caramelised onions and jalapenos which had a slight kick to it but with a lovely, subtle cumin flavour coming through.

The beef patty was good and had been cooked to medium with the slightest of pink on show. Miss Milkshake suggested it could have been a bit more pink which would have made for a juicier burger but neither of us had any complaints.

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger
T.G.I. Friday’s secret Jack Burger…

I had removed my fresh tomato and made a bit of a mess with the mayo which to me was quite superb.

I likened it more to a Big Mac style sauce but less in your face, with it being creamy and delectable and fusing nicely with that on-board chilli.

The thick cheese oozed over its beef host and could be distinguished amongst the other flavours.

The Jack Burger was not dressed with any fresh red onion which was a little bit disappointing.

The glazed brioche bun coped easily with its inner beauties and was fresh and springy.

Overall, this was an enjoyable secret burger and made me definitely want to return, probably to try the Bruce Lee pictured above.

The crispy fries were really good today and I finished them up fairly quickly with the accompanying Jack glaze and additional BBQ sauce – yeah I really love their BBQ dipping sauce!

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger
Inside the secret Jack Burger at T.G.I.’s…

Oh yes. And how do you order the Jack Burger?

Well you’ll just have to ask them on this occasion and add #burgerface to the tweet.

Literally one hour before going, I noticed one review that reveals the burger and secret which sort of ruined the fun. Shame – but I guess if you don’t want spoilers don’t go looking!

With that let us take one last look at the T.G.I. Friday’s secret menu Jack Burger…

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger
An enjoyable experience, thank you T.G.I.’s…

We’ll be back very soon though creating our own secret menu items so stay tuned folks and thanks as ever for reading! Also we want to express our huge gratitude to the good people at T.G.I. Friday’s.

Burger Lad®

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