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Subway Big Beef Melt

Subway Big Beef Melt

Review of Subway Big Beef Melt

What they say:

Have you tried our Big Beef Melt yet? A tasty beef patty with our delicious cheese.

Price: £2.90.

Calories: 403 kcal.

You’re not in the wrong place. Yes, we are the UK’s leading burger review website, and yes Subway is arguably the leading sandwich purveyor (and growing, courtesy of the slick franchising model).

However, on a relatively static menu there is a new item, at least it is new since the last time I visited. And this new item reads like a burger, with a touch of poetic licence, so it’s here on these fair pages.

The Subway Big Beef Melt is a beef patty, in bread, with toppings.

Now, the bun in question is the 6 inch sub, and the cheese is optional – one of the countless toppings available at Subway on all their sandwiches. The sandwiches as a whole are hit and miss. There are certainly some I enjoy and others not so much.

I chose the Honey Oat bread, with toppings consisting of cheese, lettuce, red onion and chipotle southwest sauce.

Putting the thing together is kind of the fun bit at Subway. The ability to choose your topping combinations means almost endless possibilities.

However, that’s largely where the fun ended. I saw the “beef patty” going on and my heart sank a little.

It was a nondescript oblong of limpness. And the taste was no better. I don’t know anything about the sourcing of this, but I’m guessing I might not want to.

Furthermore, the “melt” part of the title only really comes into play if you actually choose cheese, and that cheese didn’t really melt for me either anyway.

The beef was so soft. So very soft. The chipotle sauce was decent, as was the bread. Lettuce and cheese really neither here nor there. The red onions, as usual, gave a sharpish tang that errs on the enjoyable.

I left with change from £3 which was fine, but if this is Subway’s dabbling into burger-ish territory I sincerely doubt the Arches, the King or the Colonel have anything to worry about.

In summary, I’m sure you will find something to enjoy on Subway’s menu. I certainly have in the past.

This just isn’t one of them.

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