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Sproutmas Burger – Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird – Sproutmas Burger

Deliveroo have partnered with Absurd Bird to launch The Sproutmas Burger.


December 2018: The world’s most divisive burger is set to go on sale nationally today, exclusively on Deliveroo: The Sproutmas Burger.

Available for the entire festive season, the burger features pan-fried Cajun sprouts and bacon, chicken dusted with a secret sprout spice crust, a green cheese sauce, sweet potato and watercress.

Still not satisfied hungry Brits can also devour some delicious mac and cheese sprout balls.

After taking a whopping three months to perfect, the burger created by Absurd Bird head chef is set to divide households up and down the country, as the burger people love to hate and hate to love.

Despite the Brussels sprout contempt, an 80g serving of sprouts contains four times more vitamin C than an orange and the area covered by Brussels sprout fields in the UK is the equivalent of 3,240 football pitches.

Using Brussels sprouts three ways, the burger has already proven a hit with some early taste-testers.

Foodie blogger and long-time sprout lover Ed Lemont of The Discerning Man said, “Festive food is the best part of Christmas, so I love this time of year. This burger is an amalgamation of two of my favourite things – sprouts and burgers – and has left my taste buds tingling. I’ve always loved sprouts and can’t wait to get the sprout haters in my family to try this burger.”

The burger was created following research from Deliveroo that showed Brussels sprouts are the food at Christmas most people wished they liked but couldn’t bring themselves to try again.

Mintel research shows that 40% of under-35s are drawn towards seasonal foods which are fun and bizarre over the traditional mince pies and Twiglets.

The burger can be ordered, exclusively through Deliveroo, for office Christmas parties and as the ultimate secret Santa present from Absurd Bird’s restaurants in London, Glasgow, Bath, Exeter and Leeds.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said, “We had so much fun working with Absurd Bird on the Sproutmas Burger giving a classic yuletide dish a fun, modern twist, we expect dogs up and the country will be unjustly blamed by Deliveroo customers this holiday season”.

Orders can be placed online or through the app between 17:00 and 22:00 each day over the festive period. The burger is priced at £9.95, or if you’re feeling especially sprout hungry you can get it with the mac & cheese sprout balls for £12.99 all in.


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