Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger

Review of Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger


What they say:

Not for the faint of heart, this burger is topped with pepper jack cheese, crispy jalapeños, and chipotle mayonnaise.

Price: £12.49 with unlimited fries.

Calories: Currently missing from their nutritional guide.

Welcome back to the latest review from Burger Lad® where we check out the Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger from Ruby Tuesday.

We’ve been to Ruby Tuesday before, quite a few times now. Admittedly I was never impressed with the Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar Burger but I’ve never fallen out with their Smokehouse…yet?

So after deciding to take a break from burger reviews for a while I found myself in Ruby Tuesday the very next night. I said “no I am not going to have a burger tonight… definitely not” and scanned the menu looking for alternatives. Steak…Chicken…ribs…their new flatbreads maybe?

Finally I had made my choice. And yes you guessed it I went with a burger. Now hear me out… this caught my eye due to it being a Pretzel burger.

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger
Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger…

What American chain has not had a Pretzel burger on its menu in 2013? Wendy’s? Sonic? Carl’s Jr.? or maybe Hardee’s? Even Ruby Tuesday USA has rolled out the Pretzel bun so it was no surprise to see this land on the UK shores now. OK I was surprised (and even a little excited hence my choice).

So give me some slack – I would have probably taken the night off (hey I didn’t even have the bPad on me so that was my every intention). But when you read about these Pretzel prizes from the good ol’ USA
and the promise of pepper jack cheese, crispy jalapeños, and chipotle mayonnaise who was I to turn it down?

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger
“I’m going with something different today…”

So with a face of shame, who was I to blame when I said “yes I have decided” and ordered the aforementioned burger?

But how was it? Well it was pretty good. I always find that the Cheltenham folk give Ruby Tuesday a hard time. Why? Not sure to be honest. You could probably argue that it is quite expensive “for what it is”. Well I beg to differ. Not only do you get unlimited fries (and for the first time ever I actually asked for more) but for a small additional charge you can get their unlimited salad bar/garden or whatever they call it.

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger
Lifting the lid on the new Ruby Tuesday burger…

The burger was tidily presented with lettuce and chunky pickles hanging out the back of it. There was a mixture of crispy jalapeños on-board on this, my latest 21st century burger adventure. Did I spot some red chillies on there? Maybe. I was so hungry and had a few interruptions (blame one half of the Kondiment Kids) so I devoured this pretty quickly without really taking stock of the situation.

I didn’t really pick-up the flavour of the mayo or the cheese but they all melded lovely with the beef and jalapeños and made for a consistent burger and hands up now I had no complaints whatsoever.

The beef patty was good and had a buttery taste to it. In fact the whole thing has a buttery taste and I suspect the bun had had a little glaze on it before being toasted. I had removed the tomato as ever and the red onion was sharp and complimented the spiciness of the jalapeños, mayo and cheese.

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger
A subtle heat level to give a warm glow inside…

Would I warn the faint-hearted away from this? Definitely not. I might have an asbestos gob but it really was not that bad in terms of heat levels. Despite that it was very enjoyable, the BBQ dip was great for my fries and I ordered a second batch that were so crispy and hot they nearly took my fingerprints off.

I washed it down with a bottle of Magners and felt pretty content with my choice on this occasion (despite vowing not to have a burger). My companion had a steak which quite frankly was flippin’ amazing and was thick but cooked more perfect pink than Jill Kelly.

Ruby Tuesday may seem overpriced but they are family friendly, Sky Sports News plays on TV screens over the bar and they have a great selection of food, booze and on this occasion I was mightily impressed
with the staff.

I predict more burger places will follow suite with Pretzel buns so keep a look out and let us know if they pop up in your town. With that let us take one last look at the Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger from Ruby Tuesday.

At £12.95 it is definitely leaning on the expensive-side for a burger and chips but is worth checking out if you are in Cardiff or Cheltenham. Thanks for reading as ever and we hope to be back soon with more 21st century burger adventures!

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger
Burger Lad in “shock” retirement reversal…

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