Northern Soul Patty Melt

Review of Northern Soul Patty Melt


What they say: Coming soon!

Price: £6.50.

Calories: Unknown.

Northern Soul was the first of the so-called gourmet grilled cheese joints that are appearing these days.

Northern Soul Patty Melt
Welcome to Northern Soul…

Just a cheese toastie? Think again. This place uses top quality bread and cheese to create a myriad of wondrous variations and is so popular they’ve recently doubled their floor space.

This is a really great place and having had several toasties and pots of macaroni and cheese here, I can say that with considerable conviction.

I’ve waited quite a while and even given a couple of polite nudges on Twitter for this, the obvious evolution of their craft – the Patty Melt.

For the uninitiated, a patty melt is a sort of burger – a burger patty within slices of toast, usually topped very simply.

Northern Soul Patty Melt
The Patty Melt…

Northern Soul presumably could have just bought a patty and shoved it in. But not these master toasters, they’ve blended their own beef with seasoning including, as it seems to me, chilli and rosemary, and they cook it medium rare. Proper burger stuff.

Honestly this is the sort of patty that some specialist burger joints try, and fail, to make.

Combine that with their top-notch sourdough bread and you have something that is probably served for Sunday lunch in heaven.

Northern Soul Patty Melt
Beefy, cheesy, bready heaven…

If I’m awfully critical, the only minor downside here is that they’ve chosen square American cheese slices instead of their proprietary cheese blend, presumably on the basis that it’s more “burgery”. If this could be made with the cheese they put on their other items, it’d be downright perfect.

With the cheese they chose, it’s still pretty close. This is an outfit that takes a standard student-type comfort food, ramps it up to 11 and utterly nails it every time, and despite the long hours these chaps put in day after day, you always get and happy warm welcome.

Northern Soul Patty Melt
Pickle, American Cheese, onions inside…

As I said, I’ve been here a few times and never been disappointed and now that they’ve created a near perfect Patty Melt, I can finally share my thoughts with you via the UK’s premier burger review site. The menu is ever changing, so it may not stay around forever.

If you’ve not been to Northern Soul, go there now and if you don’t want the outstanding Patty Melt, have something else. Anything else. You’ll not be disappointed.

Northern Soul Patty Melt
You can see the pink of the medium beef…

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