Mumma Schnitzel Burger

Review of Mumma Schnitzel Burger


What they say:

Schnitzel love in a bun. Chicken thigh marinated for 24 hours then twice fried for perfectly juicy crispy chicken. All our sauces and pickles are made in house with love.

Price: £7.00.

Calories: Unknown.

Another resident of the Kitchens in Manchester’s Spinningfield is chicken expert Mumma Schnitzel. With about six chicken burgers, and a jerk special, there’s plenty to choose from.

Mumma Schnitzel Burger
Mumma’s place at the Kitchen…

The young lad at the counter initially recommended the special but did warn me that it’s proper jerk, i.e. properly hot. I just wasn’t entirely in the mood for super-hot so I went down a peg or two and chose the chipotle mayo one. Great choice!

This turned out to be nicely spicy and I had a very short wait after I parted with my seven pounds.

Presentation was in a white polystyrene box in-keeping with the white semi-clinical aesthetic of the Kitchens. When I opened it up, I knew immediately I’d landed on my feet. A brioche bun, with a substantial piece of chicken and sundry toppings.

Mumma Schnitzel Burger
The Mumma Schnitzel Burger…

The chicken was buttermilk-fried which seems to be de rigueur in the world of upmarket fried chicken right now. It looked absolutely fantastic (my photos fail to do it justice), with big knobbly chunks of crumb all over the place. The bun was well-suited to this construct.

Along with the chicken, was some tomato which I could do without, lettuce and possibly the best chipotle mayo I’ve ever had. All concerns about the jerk one went out the window – this chipotle had a wonderful mild kick to it.

This combined with the utterly mind-blowing crunchy chicken crumb to generate a taste sensation of the sort I’ve not had in a long time.

Mumma Schnitzel Burger
Chicken perfection on a bun…

An inside that crumb was a fabulously delicious white chicken meat that demonstrated Mumma Schnitzel’s devotion to and expertise in the trade.

I always say that the key to a great burger is the meat – the patty itself. And that certainly applies to beef.

Mumma Schnitzel Burger
Lifting the lid…

With the fried chicken revolution that’s going on however, I think the key might be in the coating – the crumb. This one was as spot-on as is possible. So crispy. Each crunch was ridiculously satisfying.

Only cheese could have made this any better. It was truly one of the tastiest chicken meals I’ve ever had, and I think, thanks to the likes of Mumma Schnitzel, we will hearing a lot more about fried chicken in the future.

Mumma Schnitzel Burger
When a photo fails to convey desire…

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