Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger

Review of Miller & Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger


What they say:

All our burgers are made from British beef, specially selected from a number of UK farms, handmade by our expert chefs, and served with seasoned fries and fresh slaw.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

While Burger Lad® continues to work on his own signature burgers with the recently developed P.F.T, our Principal Burger Critic was on the front line to check out the Miller & Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger.

With that I will pass you to Andrew for his latest review…

Miller and Carter is a chain of steakhouses throughout the UK. The website lists quite a few locations from Edinburgh to Bournemouth, with new ones opening.

It has a dress code. Ok, not jacket and tie, but smart casual. I took off my Slayer t-shirt and put on a blazer and off I went.

Dark wood, brown leather, exposed brick, table lamps. It’s a lovely setup. Obviously it is a steakhouse. I’ve had steak here before and it is really good. I have high hopes for my burger.

The menu doesn’t give much away about the burger. It’s prime beef and it’s hand made.

As standard, it comes plain, or with Monterey Jack cheese and bacon. There’s a small selection of extra toppings you can choose at extra cost. I chose to leave the bacon and take cheese and jalapeños.

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger
Miller & Carter Prime Beef Burger…

I wasn’t asked how I’d like it cooked, which is surprising for a place specialising in steak.

In a fairly short space of time, it arrived, carefully laid out on a slate board.

The jalapeños and slaw were presented separately in little bowls, which was interesting. A slight element of build-your-own-burger, which was fun.

There was a tidy piece of lettuce at the bottom of the burger, sitting on the mayo and hiding a slice of tomato. The tomato was stuck in the mayo so I thought I’d just leave it in.

The bun was nice and shiny, and lightly toasted to perfection. The seeds on top finished of the aesthetics perfectly.

Changed my mind. Tomato out. Jalapenos and slaw in. Good call, Andrew. Tomato was big and thick.

The first bite told me the meat was well done, which is not what I’d have chosen if I’d been asked. It was seasoned well though, and the cheese melted lovingly over it.

The fries were just perfect. Hot, seasoned, crispy and a lot of skin. Not too thick, not too thin.

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger
Customise your burger at Miller & Carter Steakhouse…

I’m glad I didn’t have the bacon. I think it would have overpowered the stack too much.

As it was, the flavours bounced off each other like a well-crafted Bon Jovi song, and nearing the end, I noticed that the cheese had melted down into the burger in parts, which was tremendous.

The bun squished somewhat but held together admirably. Cheese at the top and mayo at the bottom acted a sort of tasty glue.

As an aside, while I pause to get the traditional Burger Lad® half-eaten shot, who decided tomato was de rigueur in burgers?

Lettuce I can understand – it gives a crisp freshness and I’m sure it’s at least 3 of my 5 (or 7 now, apparently) a day. But why tomato? Why not grated carrot? Or peas?

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger
Lunchtime work in progress…

Anyway, I finished the burger pretty quickly. It was a good lunchtime size and the fries, as I said, were un-put-downable.

At £9.95 plus extras it is definitely at the higher end of the scale for a cheeseburger, but not unreasonable.

With more time, and no car, I can definitely see this burger forming the centrepiece of a more leisurely meal over some beers in the future.

Very solid effort all round here. Ambience, presentation, taste and overall experience top notch. I don’t like to do this to a good burger, but here I think the fries took the flag.

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger
Smart and casual…

So, Miller and Carter. There’s probably one near you. And if you haven’t been before, it’d definitely be worth visiting. Just try not to take your car.

Thanks Andrew for once again sharing your 21st century burger adventures with us and the rest of the BLC (Burger Lad® Community).

If you would like to contribute to your favourite urban burger review website please get in touch.

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  • 21/04/2014 at 7:08 am

    Good review Andrew and BL. Enjoyed reading about it.
    Will have to make plans to provide my own review shortly……a new experience;)


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