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McDonald’s Vegetable Deluxe

McDonald's Vegetable Deluxe New 2019

McDonald’s Vegetable Deluxe Review

McDonald’s Vegetable Deluxe:

What they say:

Red Pesto veggie goujons with sandwich sauce and shredded lettuce in a sesame topped bun.

Price: £3.09.

Calories: 380 kcal.

From Thursday 3rd January 2019, McDonald’s have launched a new version of their Vegetable Deluxe burger.

As we reported, this sees the discontinuation of the old Vegetable Deluxe (our review here) and in its place is a burger using two of the new veggie goujons which will also be used in the new Spicy Veggie (One) wrap.

I will say this now – the new Vegetable Deluxe is a firm step backwards in terms of flavour and enjoyment.

Originally, this wasn’t going to be reviewed today. Instead, I had decided to visit KFC for their Gravy Mega Box.

Inside KFC I placed my order and was told they were not doing it anymore and it had finished Monday.

This is despite the poster on the window outside, on the bus stop opposite and the first image on the carousel on the KFC website being… the Gravy Mega Box.

McDonald’s it is then…

The restaurant I visited is possibly one of the last in the UK to get the upgrade and the transformation is amazing – it’s one of the shiny new black & white branded interiors.

Onto the burger…

Obviously if you are vegetarian you LOVE lettuce as this arrived with a f**k-tonne of the shredded stuff. It was literally swamped in green.

As before, the lettuce is joined by the trademark McD’s sesame seeded bun and sandwich sauce, which got a favourable nod in our previous review.

Gone is the nicely spiced coriander and cumin veggie patty. In its place, two veggie goujons which just taste like strong fresh tomato.

Having two goujons is obviously going to draw comparisons with recent chicken LTOs that use two Chicken Selects.

The veggie counterparts do seem to fill more bun area, but you still suffer from some bites having no goujon and/or them being placed haphazardly on the heel of the bun.

It’s a smart move from McDonald’s.

I’d wager two of these would cost less than one of the old veggie patties. Plus, they can cross-utilise them in the new veggie Happy Meal wrap and/or the aforementioned Spicy Veggie One.

I was going to review that Monday (when it is Wrap of the Day) but after today I will pass.

The veggie goujons look anaemic and as stated earlier, the predominant flavour is tomato.

I thoroughly enjoyed the old veggie patty with the soft blend of Indian-inspired spices, chickpeas and potato but this is terrible.

So bad, that over half of the new Vegetable Deluxe was consigned to the trash. A shame really, and at £3.09 a slight price increase on the old version.

And what a great time to release new vegetarian options in Veganuary…

I would imagine there are cohorts of our readers that would not bother trying this, but others might. If you do, please let us know what you think and how it compares to the old burger.

After being pleasantly surprised with the previous incarnation of the Vegetable Deluxe I went into this mission full of optimism.

Unfortunately, that optimism ended up in the bin with the rest of the burger.

The packaging might say “Now Even Tastier”, so if you’re looking for a mushed-up tomato, veggie experience for over three pounds this is for you!

My review of the old Vegetable Deluxe was the first and last time I would sample it, and the new version will continue that trend.

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