McDonald’s Taiwan Surf and Turf Burger

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McDonald’s Taiwan releases Year End Celebrations Surf & Turf Burger

Why does the Far East get all the cool stuff?

Hot on the heels of breaking the news about Black and White Burgers returning to China, McDonald’s Taiwan release a new Surf & Turf Burger celebrating the end of the year. Obviously.

McDonald's Taiwan Surf and Turf Burger
McDonald’s Surf & Turf returns to Taiwan…

Looking at the burger it looks like the standard beef with a salmon fish patty underneath and a white (tartar?) sauce with lettuce and an Asian-style slaw. Next to it is a wedge of lime so perhaps the sauce contains that!?

The other option is basically the same minus the beef and slaw. It’s not the first time this burger has been released in Taiwan as it was also available at the end of 2014.

Surf & Turf burgers are not new to McDonald’s. There was even one released as close as in Germany a few years ago called the Australia Surf & Turf.

McDonald’s Taiwan Surf and Turf Burger
Would you like to see Surf & Turf in the UK…!?

Would you like to see a Surf & Turf burger at McDonald’s in the UK?

Let us know your comments via the usual channels.

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