McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014 Promotion

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014 Winning Burgers Released


It’s My Burger season!

As of writing, we are 16 days away from seeing the five winning McDonald’s UK My Burger promotional items. They will be on-sale from Wednesday 15th October with each lasting one week only.

As you are probably aware, Burger Lad® was a finalist but did not make the final five.

Fear not as we bring you a look now at the five new items available at McDonald’s Sweden.

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014
McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014…

Common… did you really think we’d be in with a shot of winning to have Burger Lad® plastered all over the McDonald’s website…!? I doubt it… I’ve also got some other theories but we’ll save that for the first UK review!!

Up first is the McFiggehn which has been on sale from 23/09 to 29/09 (we tweeted about these in August as nothing goes undetected on the BL® radar!)

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014

You’ll have to excuse the Google translation on all of these as unfortunately my Swedish isn’t what it used to be…

150 grams of beef in good company with chorizo and our rude good hot chili sauce. And also double the slices of cheese. Cheesus good things. Created by Idestål (aka Figgehn).

Up next from 30/09 to 06/10 is the McHeaton aka “The One and Only”

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014

A real hottie! Starring: 150 grams of beef and dual disc Cheddarsmältost. The important supporting roles: the bacon and onions. And the Stronga superhero: Hot Chili Sauce. Created by Arvid Gullberg.

Week three sees the release of the McFragbite (available 07/10 to 13/10).

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014

Hold onto the chili & sesame-bread around your 150 gram beef. Here are crowded indeed smoky BBQ sauce and black pepper / lemon / onion sauce with double slices of cheese – and chorizo. So there. Created by Andreas Karlsson.

From 14/10 to 20/10 is the Chorizo BBQ.

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014
Chorizo BBQ…

Okay, here we go: 150 grams of beef, Cajun mayo and roasted onions. Good! And chorizo. Of course! And salsa sauce, double slices of cheese and bread with sesame seeds & chili. Thank You! Created by Corbin Andersson.

And to complete the five winning burgers at McDonald’s Sweden is the McCraving (21/10 – 27/10)…

McDonald’s Sweden My Burger 2014

Try to resist the 150 grams of beef with cheese, roasted onions, spicy lökchutney and yoghurt & mint sauce with freshly roasted chili & sesame seed bread. Come on – try! Created by Madda Lagerstrand.

So if you thought we were excited about the UK launch of My Burger things are really starting to heat up now!

We’ll see you Wednesday 15th October for the first winning burger.

Can’t wait! See you on the other side…!

Burger Lad®