McDonald’s Snoopy Black Burger

McDonald’s Thailand releasing Snoopy Black Burger

As part of a promotional tie-in with The Peanuts movie, it appears McDonald’s Thailand are releasing another burger with black buns known as the Snoopy Black Burger.

Below is a promotional image of the burger due for release soon. It doesn’t look like anything particularly exciting with chicken, lettuce and tomato and some sort of brown (BBQ?) sauce. Judging by the video there is definitely a chilli element involved.

International McDonald’s blogger, Travelling McDonald’s who runs the website McDonald’s Around the World is now based in Thailand so expect to see a review from him soon.

McDonald's Snoopy Black Burger

In the UK we saw the release of the Halloween Whopper recently by rival Burger King.

Coloured buns are not new to McDonald’s consumers in the Far East, with a fairly recent black bun Halloween-themed burger called “Ikasumi” and in China, a Yin and yang duo of black and white burgers was released in 2012.

McDonald's China White & Black Burgers

Would you like to see McDonald’s bring coloured buns to the UK? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s a promotional video of the new Snoopy Black Burger:

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