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McDonald’s Sausage and Bacon Sandwich

McDonald's Sausage & Bacon Sandwich

Review of McDonald’s Sausage and Bacon Sandwich


What they say:

A British pork sausage patty, cheese, bacon, grilled onions and the choice of ketchup or brown sauce, all in a delicious toasted ciabatta.

Price: £2.39 for the sandwich only (subject to variation).

Calories: 458 kcal.

I’ve toyed with the idea of reviewing the McDonald’s Sausage and Bacon Sandwich for a while now.

We were the first in the world to tweet about its availability WAY back on 28th April so it seems we’re a bit late to the party with this one.

OK, so it’s not exactly a burger but it a) contains meat contained within a bun-type structure and b) is from McDonald’s so like Cyndi Lauper “it’s good enough for me”…

I’d also like to add that we had Admiral Burgerbar staying with us at HQ this weekend (it’s a bit like going to McDonald’s University) so we couldn’t pass up on having a “proper” team breakfast (the first time all three of us would be in a McD’s together)…

A late first look at the Sausage & Bacon Sandwich…

So the McDonald’s Sausage and Bacon Sandwich hasn’t been without its controversies… the advertising posters of “Sausageness, Baconness and Manliness” haven’t exactly gone down too well with the masses.

What’s the matter people?

Can’t men have a bit of manliness anymore or do we all have to be these asexual type entities nowadays?

Women like to be smooth, fresh and exfoliate so give us a break and let us have some manliness back for once. And before all the PC brigade attack me saying “women can enjoy this too blah blah blah” don’t forget advertisement campaigns such as the Diet Coke Break or McDonald’s very own “For Ladies Who Lunch”.

I didn’t see many men jumping on their soapboxes whinging that we also like to enjoy Diet Coke now & then or we want to eat lunch too.

It’s tongue in cheek, it’s a bit of fun and jest… get over yourselves… the Twitter response has been laughable at best. As for sexist products/advertising, don’t get me started on Just For Men.

Anyway let’s move on…

At £2.39 this offers a great value breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s and I liked it. The Admiral had ketchup on his but as you know I’m not a fan so I went with brown sauce on mine and there was plenty of the good stuff on-board.

The brown sauce variety…

Another recurring theme I’ve seen on Twitter about this sandwich is the inclusion of onions on a breakfast sandwich.

My goodness… onions? Breakfast?

Not in this country please… it reminds me of the old movie “No Sex Please We’re British” and the good old UK value that lunch is strictly served 12:00-2:00pm and we couldn’t possibly have something so blatantly wrong as onions for breakfast.

Shame, as the USA get the cracking sounding Steak, Egg & Cheese McMuffin which also features grilled onions.

Do you think we’ll ever see that in the UK? Not a chance… the anarchy that would ensue would consume this fair land. “STEAK AND ONIONS FOR BREAKFAST… THEY’VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME… I’M NOT HAVING THIS… NO CHANCE.”

Sausage, bacon & cheese…

Let’s get back to the sandwich… I got the enjoyable tang of the brown sauce which pretty quickly turned into the dominant flavour.

As I mentioned earlier, this is interchangeable… a bit like their Bacon Rolls, so you can go with ketchup instead if you prefer… just don’t ask for mayo instead cause that’s not allowed at breakfast!

What you can like or dislike about this sandwich is that there is no egg on it (personally I’d like to see it on there) but as the Admiral pointed out it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t have egg on it *cough* bacon roll.

The sausage patty is the standard Freedom Food pork which for the cost and convenience is always good in my opinion and mine had plenty of bacon on this morning.

The onions (we’ve had reports of people holding these) were respectable and to those people saying onions don’t belong on here have you never had a decent sausage sarnie/bap with caramelised red onions and brown sauce? It’s a classic combination.

Cross-section shot…

For me, the McDonald’s Sausage and Bacon Sandwich is a fair priced and good quality breakfast item.

The bun, for what it is, is very good and almost better than it needs to be for the price. It’s the sort of thing that some people would call “rustic” without knowing what it means.

The cheese is the standard issue variety and I don’t think it really adds anything to the proceedings apart from some extra calories to take it to the moderately respectable 458 kcal mark.

My build had a good amount of sauce on, generous bacon and satisfying amounts of onion which were a little sharp but I think they work well.

Whatever next!? Sausage, Bacon and Mushroom maybe…?

As we understand it, the Sausage & Bacon Sandwich is only around for a limited time, so rise above the “fury” of the “manliness” campaign and get yourself in there before it disappears.

It was a bittersweet moment for me to be back in this chair for our latest episode of BLTV.

We’d filmed some iconic moments in burger history at this table so it reminded me of those days gone by but also it was extremely special to be back and in the company of the greatest team I could ever ask for – Miss Milkshake and Admiral Burgerbar… this one is for you.

Burger Lad®

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