McDonald’s Sauces UK

McDonald’s Sauces UK

What sauces are on the menu at McDonald’s in the UK?

If you are trying to find out exactly what sauces or dips are available at McDonald’s you have come to the right place!

McDonald's Sauces

In this post, we’re talking about sauces or dips that are for your French Fries, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Selects, not the sauces on the actual burgers. Although I’ve been known to dip a plain double cheese in some BBQ…

The following dipping sauces are (generally) free at McDonald’s when making a purchase:

Sweet ‘n’ Sour
25ml – 44 kcal per portion

McDonald's Sweet and Sour Dip

25 ml – 49 kcal per portion

McDonald's Barbecue Dip

Sweet Curry
25 ml – 50 kcal per portion

McDonald's Sweet Curry Dip

Tomato Ketchup
17 ml – 22 kcal per portion

McDonald's Tomato Ketchup

Interesting fact: they all state ‘dip’ on the lid, so they are technically dips and not sauces, the exception being the 17ml Tomato Ketchup.

Other sauces include:

Smoky BBQ Dip
50g – 84 kcal

McDonald's Smoky BBQ Dip

Sweet Chilli Dip
50g – 115 kcal

McDonald's Sweet Chilli Dip

Sour Cream & Chive Dip
50g – 140 kcal

McDonald's Cream and Chive Dip

These three tend to be available when purchasing three or five Chicken Selects (1 dip with 3 and 2 dips with 5).

Cheese sides such as Red Leicester Melts usually come with the Rich Tomato Dip. This is 25 ml and clocks in at 40 kcal per portion.

McDonald's Rich Tomato Dip

A portion of Mozzarella Dippers are accompanied by a Salsa Dip.

Cheese Sides at Christmas generally come with the Festive Tomato Dip.

McDonald's Festive Tomato Dip

In 2019, McDonald’s UK introduced Spicy Chicken McNuggets to the menu. For the 6 or 9 nugget option you get one Spicy Tomato Dip and with the 20 nugget ShareBox you should receive 4 dips.

The Tabasco-based sauce is one of our favourites:

Other countries get a wide range of McDonald’s sauces including Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo and Creamy Ranch.

We recently received a selection of sauces from McDonald’s Germany and had some sauces which are available to buy in stores in Canada shipped to us.

McDonald's Sauces UK

McDonald's Sauces UK

The famous Big Mac Special Sauce has been available in pots in countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Which is your favourite McDonald’s dipping sauce? Would you like to be able to get Big Mac Special Sauce in a 25 ml pot? Are you still upset McDonald’s stopping using Heinz as their ketchup supplier in 2013?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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One thought on “McDonald’s Sauces UK

  • 28/08/2019 at 7:56 am

    BBQ is the best by far, great for fries and nuggets, though I’ll admit the new spicy tomato one for the spicy nuggets is pretty good too.

    What I don’t like is the fact that if you order via the McD App or in store kiosk, you cannot add more BBQ sauces to your order, other than the Smoky BBQ one, and that’s nowhere near as good as the standard BBQ one! I end up having to ask for more when I collect my order and the staff often then huff and puff as if I should have included in my order…if only I could!!


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