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McDonald’s Mexican Stack

McDonald's Mexican Stack

Review of McDonald’s Mexican Stack

What they say:

Two 100% British & Irish beef patties, Habanero Chilli Mayo, Beechwood smoked bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, Mango sauce and lettuce, in a glazed paprika topped bun.

Price: £4.09.

Calories: 711 kcal.

Great Tastes of the World concludes at McDonald’s for 2016 with The Mexican Stack with Habanero Chilli Mayo – available for week five and six.

Starting on Wednesday 9th November and ending on Tuesday 22nd November, The Mexican Stack is arguably the most intriguing of the three beef options running for the promo this year.

Mexican-inspired burgers are not new to McDonald’s.

Recently, we’ve seen the Mexican Chipotle Burger available as a limited time offer in Canada and the El Maco is a regular occurrence on menus in Sweden, as well as Denmark, Norway, Finland and Australia.

In the UK, we’ve not had either of the aforementioned burgers, but back in 2013 we did get the Mexican Fiesta which featured cheese slices, nachos, Batavia lettuce, guacamole and a salsa sauce – our review here.

Way back in November 2012, a fledgling BURGER LAD® site reviewed the Chilli & Cheese Mexican – hands up if you remember that burger!

Fast forward to 2016, and the final burger for GTW 2016 is The Mexican Stack – this sounds like it could be the best of the bunch!

First look…

Visually this looks pretty damn impressive, but I would expect this at the time of day I visited.

It doesn’t scream “I AM SPICY” with no visible cues to give an indication of its heat level (i.e. chopped or sliced chillies and/or Jalapeños).

The spiciness of The Mexican Stack comes from the Habanero Chilli Mayo. There was more than plenty on my tidy-looking build today and I am over the moon (or “South of the Border”) to report back that it is excellent.

One note: the Mayo had been mis-placed – it should be on the heel of the bun instead of on top of the second beef patty.

A tidy build…

For a High Street burger the spice-level is spot on.

The mayo itself is predominantly creamy – you don’t bite into it and go “ouch that’s hot”, instead the Habanero slowly creeps up on you and gives the inside of your mouth a warm-ish glow which stays with you a while… but not ages.

I think it’s definitely the spiciest beef option we’ve seen from The Golden Arches. It’s extremely pleasant actually and I can guarantee that people with a low spice tolerance will proclaim it to be super-spicy.

Those at the other end of the spectrum will complain it’s not hot enough. But it is a respectable middle ground and you cannot please everyone…

McDonald’s Mexican Stack…

I wasn’t sure how the tangy Mango sauce would play out with the beef. It resides on the crown of the glazed paprika topped bun and is fairly difficult to pick out amongst the rest of the ingredients.

I was semi-anticipating it to taste like the sauce sachet you get with the Original Curry Flavour Pot Noodle but it’s definitely not as noticeable as that. Slightly sweet, very faint… and operationally there to hold those crispy onions in-place.

Lifting the lid…

The bun is good. Fresh and lends aesthetic appeal to The Mexican Stack. No complaints and certainly one of the better LTO buns we have encountered.

Throughout, you continue to get that semi-warm, enjoyable glow from the Habanero Chilli Mayo. It doesn’t quite domineer everything but it is close.

The build is completed with the ever-recurring Beechwood smoked bacon. This does offer a marginal smokiness to proceedings but I don’t believe it’s an absolute game-changer having it on or not. That’s just my opinion…

You get the softness of the Pepper Jack Cheese which from a textural point of view is a necessity. It brings everything together nicely and visually looks good with a few coloured flecks dotted around the two slices.

Love those 6:1 patties…

Finally, you hit those tasty crispy onions which are quite possibly one of my favourite burger toppings from McDonald’s.

They sort of come through at the end of your bite to impart their signature smoky, slightly burnt flavour on your palate.

For me, as I write this review I can still feel their taste residue, long after the Mayo has gone. Together as a whole, The Mexican Stack is very much up there with any McDonald’s promotional burger. Recommended!

It is a great burger from McD’s and the perfect send-off to GTW for 2016.

If you were to line-up everything from the promo this year I’d definitely opt for this, The Thai Special and the Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges as a cheat meal. And I may just do this before the end of week six…

I have certainly loved the 6:1 patties they have used on the stacks as opposed to the normal 10:1 size – they are just beefier and juicier.

The Mexican Stack gives you the right spice level for a High Street burger which comes from the brilliant Habanero Chilli Mayo. This is complimented very nicely by the delectable crispy onions.

The minor let down is that Mango sauce but that shouldn’t detract from a very commendable bacon double cheeseburger indeed.

The Mexican Stack is available at McDonald’s from Wednesday 9th November until Tuesday 22nd November.

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