McDonald’s McMoon

McDonald’s McMoon – UK launches first ever restaurant in space


This just in from McDonald’s…!

McDonald’s UK today announced the launch of a one of its kind, fully functioning restaurant on the moon.

Construction on the so-called McMoon restaurant will begin later this month, with the restaurant chain hoping to open its doors to customers in early 2017. The build is expected to be two stories high with an equipped launch and landing pad.

McDonald’s will offer shuttles twice a day to and from the restaurant, where customers will be able to experience the astronomical tastes of McDonald’s in a completely out of this world experience.

McMoon Developer Astra McNaught said: “We are incredibly excited with this new frontier. At McDonald’s we’re always trying to push the boundaries and offer our customers something different and our new McMoon restaurant will really give our customers a taste of the future.”

McDonald’s UK is offering 50 Twitter users the chance to be the first in line at the store with a competition running until midday today. See @McDonaldsUK for details of how to enter.


McDonald's McMoon
McDonald’s McMoon…

That’s certainly one giant leap for a clown-sized shoe!

What do you make of this unbelievable development from McDonald’s!? They’ve just opened their first restaurant in Kazakhstan but this news is out-of-this world!

Would you want to visit the McMoon restaurant? And how would you eat your fries in that atmosphere? What will be on the menu at the first fully functioning restaurant on the moon? And why do they not offer shuttle delivery?

McDonald’s conquered the world and now they look to conquer the solar system with their first restaurant in outer space. It also looks like they’ve beaten their other competitors in this Space Race.

You heard news of the McDonald’s McMoon restaurant here FIRST.

More information might be available on their website.

I still can’t believe it.

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