McDonald’s Marty McFry Burger

McDonald’s Marty McFry Burger

Price: £6.07.

Calories: Approximately 1,100.

Secret menu items are no secret to Burger Lad®. There is an entire website devoted to these Frankenstein-style burgers over at

We know all about the McGangBang, The Land, Sea and Air burger and the Monster Mac but these delights have been around awhile now and nobody seems to create any new ones.

Burger Lad® attempted to create an off the menu item when we ordered a Double Big Mac in the UK and more recently developed the Rodeo King but it was at the Burger Lab that we had a concept, a vision. This vision was entitled the Marty McFry and after a burger-storming session one evening the dream was set to become reality.

It was a “Fryday” that we decided on creating this Back to the Future inspired burger – but what dare you ask are its key components? And do you need a Mr. Fusion to make one?

All you need is approximately £6.00 for a Big Mac, a McChicken Sandwich and small Fries and a total disregard for your health and diet! Weighing in at 1.21 giga-calories (approx 1,100 kcal minus some buns) this is not a stunt to be taken lightly and not to be attempted at home, your local McDonald’s or a park if you are that way inclined.

We drove at 88 miles per hour to get to McDonald’s and this time the staff looked on suspiciously. Did they know Burger Lad® was in to review or had their Point of Sale alerted them to a suspect combination of items ordered and triggered the secret menu alarm.

So… here we are… the new secret menu item. The Marty McFry or The McFry burger for short and my goodness it was a leaning tower of greeda.

Marty McFry Burger

We of course filmed the latest quest for secret menu items and you can see the video below but how did this monster taste?

Well firstly you have to have jaws similar to a snake just to take a bite. From the bottom up this calorie layered burger went; bottom Big Mac bun, cheese, burger, fries, McChicken sandwich, middle Big Mac Bun (we were going to take this off but it has the Big Mac sauce, lettuce and pickles on so it stayed), burger, fries and top Big Mac bun.

McDonald's Marty McFry Burger

What’s the matter McFly? Chicken…!?

Marty McFry Burger

Many of the audience gasped and sniggered as I tackled my way through this unholy alliance. The burger was actually not bad. The fries were a little lost as was the beef and the main thing I could distinctly taste was the chicken but this could be that it is in fact my first ever McChicken Sandwich. We’d discussed the prototype having BBQ sauce on it as well and I think this might work… maybe next time…!?

Marty McFry Burger

We would have liked to have created this with the 1955 burger as this is the date Marty travels back to but they are currently unavailable in the UK. I didn’t enjoy it much anyway and you can see that review here.

The Commissioner for Secret Menu items confirmed that this could be added as an official entry and we had also created the McMayo.

Marty McFry Burger

A number of staff looked our way and at one point I thought we were going to be ejected. We are now on the McWanted list!

2015 is the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future so we asked our favourite graphic designer codename “Copier” to mock us up some promotional material which we hope you like. He is the best… the bestiest of the best… he’s just the best!

Burger Lad Marty McFry Burger

Back to the Future is the copyright of Universal Pictures.

And you can now catch the reaction to the McFry burger on our latest episode of Burger Lad TV:

I felt dirty after this latest quest so I had to have a long shower after to wash away the shame but it was a bit of fun and definitely a one off. You might think the weight just piles on Burger Lad® doing these sorts of stunts but as long as you watch your calorie intake you can actually still lose weight.

In fact we went back though the drive-thru that evening (luckily not banned yet) but I didn’t have anything as I said “my body is a temple.” To which a friend countered… “yeah… the Temple of Doom!” And on that note we’ll leave you with one last shot of the McFry secret menu item burger.

Marty McFry Burger

To be continued…

Burger Lad®