McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger

Review of McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger

Our Principal Burger Critic celebrates contributing to 100,000+ monthly page views with his very first secret menu item.

Price: £6.17 (approximately).

Calories: 1,015 (estimated minus a bun or two).

As you know, Burger Lad® is partial to a secret menu hack or two.

In the past, we’ve created our own inventions such as the Marty McFry Burger and the Rodeo King but it was to celebrate our record-breaking month in May that Andrew tried one of the most famous of all the secret menu items.

Ladies and Gentleman, Burger Lad® is proud to present the Land, Sea and Air burger. Let’s get amongst it…

I’ve read the Burger Lad® Secret Menu reviews before, and thought I’d give it a go. I don’t however, have the same confidence required to ask for the secret item by name. Besides, it seems it invariably ends up having to be ordered in parts anyway.

The Land, Sea and Air Burger.

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger
Andrew, one question, where are the Fries…!?

Comprising a Cheeseburger (land), Filet-o-Fish (sea) and McChicken Sandwich (chickens fly, don’t they?).

I’m not entirely convinced this is actually a secret menu item, i.e. a McDonald’s invention, rather than something created on the internet by sedentary American teenagers.

Either way, I’m having it. Let’s just say it’s my early MyBurger.

The internet, in its varying degrees of wisdom, suggests the Land, Sea & Air Burger is made by putting together the three constituent parts in whichever way the diner sees fit.

Some pictures show it with all six bun-halves. I shan’t be doing that – it looks terrible, it’s too much bread, and it’s too tall.

My notion is to take the best looking bun of the three as the outer frame, and then use one of the other bun bottoms in the middle somewhere, sort of Big Mac style.

I’m sure asking for a Land, Sea & Air burger will be met by strange expressions, so I am going to bypass that awkwardness and order the three burgers separately, with a drink. No fries necessary with this.

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger
£6.17-ish will get you a Land, Sea and Air burger…

My plan in place, I head off to the nearest Golden Arches with a substantial amount of hunger developing.

I place my order and no eyelids are batted. It came to £7 something and took a while. At least one of the burgers was going to be hot off the grill. I suspect the fish one.

Taking it all back to my table, and opening the boxes, the Filet-o-Fish bun certainly looked the best, with a shiny glow. But the seeded McChicken bun was the biggest, so that was going to be my frame.

I took the top off the McChicken, keeping as much of the lettuce and mayo as possible. Then I took the Filet, with its tartare sauce and tiny cheese, along with the bottom bun, turned it upside down and slapped it on top of the chicken.

Then I took out the contents of the cheeseburger (yes, I wanted the extra cheese and I’m glad I did) and stuck that on top of the middle bun, before putting the seeded McChicken bun top on the top of it all.

There it is folks, a Land, Sea and Air burger.

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger
Land, Sea and Air Burger…

Keeping it all together was extremely difficult as the contents wanted to slide around all over the place.

Because of the height, my first couple of bites didn’t include any beef, but I definitely got chicken and fish taste, as well as the crispy coating they each have. Nice.

A few bites later and the distinct flavour of McDonald’s beef kicks in. It’s nice too. In fact, the whole thing is a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I think at bite stage, it’s the chicken that comes through strongest, but the aftertaste is mostly fish.

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger
Incredible cross-sections: Land, Sea and Air Edition…

The tartare sauce, mayo and cheese work quite well together, especially texture-wise, but none really stands out taste-wise above the meats.

The slide is very difficult. I have to reposition the contents after every bite and near the end the last chunk of fish swims out the back completely. He is quickly re-caught and eaten.

After that, there’s only a couple of bites left when the beef escapes out the back too, leaving me with a sort of Chicken McTartare.

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger
Class dismissed…

I must admit, this was fun. And surprisingly, it tasted a lot better than I thought it was going to.

I don’t think it tasted as good as each of its constituent parts would separately, but it was probably close.

I was very, very hungry when I came in and possibly could have managed the fries too, but I’m glad I left out the extra bread. That would have overpowered and spoiled it.

So, would I have it again? Maybe, actually. Would I recommend it? Definitely. It’s messy, a lot of fun, pretty tasty and certainly fills you up.

So, the Land, Sea & Air Burger – my first secret menu hack. Success, I’d say.

I left the Arches feeling rather pleased with myself. Ah, it’s the simple things in life…..

Now Andrew has got the taste for secret menu items I wouldn’t bet against seeing more in the future!

I suppose I better keep to my part of the deal – the Burger King Suicide Burger. Watch this space…

Burger Lad®

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  • 18/10/2014 at 2:43 pm

    These are not secret are they. This is you just getting different items and merging them together. Look up poor man's big mac. That is something you can genuinely order in the UK and you don't have to spend time putting the together and then taking pics. #NOTABURGERLAD.

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