McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger

Review of McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger

What they say:

A hot Texas Cajun sauce and sour crispy onion. The meat is glazed with a thick, dark, smoky BBQ sauce, and the disc wonderfully mild, creamy and smoked Gouda®.

Price: 89kr for the meal (approx. £7.75).

Calories: 870 kcal.

The second burger on the list of three that Jureskog has made in his TV programme “världens bästa burgare” – The world’s best burger and adapted for McDonalds is “The Jureskog Texas“.

McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger
Restaurant advertising…

It is served with the same potato dippers as the New York burger was.

On ordering (11:15am) the restaurant was nearly empty and I got a freshly made burger pretty quickly. On opening the wrapper I was glad to see that the bun looked like a brushed brioche and not the normal buns from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger
Jureskog Texas Burger…

Two big strips of bacon and a fairly thick piece of cheese hung out of the sides – it looked like a proper street food burger. Lifting the top bun it looked like a lot of lettuce and mayonnaise, maybe too much salad.

McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger
Lifting the lid…

After cutting the burger in half, it was nice to see two patties that combined to make a nice thick burger.

The first bite gave me a taste of the Gouda and a taste of the patty. Good cheese and no “plastic” feeling to it.

The beef was disappointing as it was dryer than the New York burger and bits fell off it as I ate. It was more of a “normal” McDonald’s patty than anything special.

The next taste of something different, after the cheese, was the pickled red onions (all the rage in Sweden at the moment on hotdogs, burgers etc.).

I liked the kick and crunchiness, but they would have been better on top of the patty and not under it. The sauce under the patty had a salsa taste and that surprised me, I didn’t expect it and didn’t really like it (was that the “Texas Cajun” bit?).

McDonald’s Jureskog Texas Burger
Incredible cross-section…

The BBQ sauce however was sensational and had a good kick although it was quite sweet.

It feels like this was so close to being a great burger. Put the onions on top, more BBQ sauce and take away the salsa taste – done!

It almost feels like if one or two ingredients are fantastic (bun and BBQ sauce in this case) that it has to be compromised somewhere else in the burger (patty and salsa).

I wonder if this is a price issue to keep the McDonald’s burgers at a set budget? But that might be a question for Burger Lad®.


Jureskog Texas









  • Pickled red onions
  • Lots of bacon
  • BBQ sauce


  • Dry patty
  • Mixed combo of tastes
  • Too much lettuce