McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger

Review of McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger

What they say:

Beef Patty, Truffle Flavoured Mayo Sauce, Crispy Onions, Grilled Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Gherkins.

Price: 89kr for the meal (approx. £7.75).

Calories: 995 kcal.

I’m ecstatic to present our very latest guest review from McDonald’s Sweden.

My old school buddy Serge previously reported back on MAX Burgers and he’s done us a massive favour again by reviewing the new Jureskog New York Burger.

Johan Jureskog is a gourmet chef from Sweden. He is famous for being “Sweden’s meat king”.

He has been a jury member for McDonald’s Sweden “My Burger” competition and a member of the Swedish Chefs national team that won the European and World Championships. He can cook.

He is currently on a TV show called “Världens Bästa Burgare” – The world’s best burger, based in the US. The 3 burgers he has created on the show are being re-created by McDonald’s Sweden. The first of which is the “Jureskog New York”.

A review like this needs talent and seeing that Burger Lad® wasn’t in Sweden, I offered to guest review.

I run the Swedish farmers unions’ flagship lunch restaurant “By:” and invited our food and beverage manager Karl Reich to join me in the review. Together we make a very critical review duo.

10.45am – empty restaurant and we ordered two Jureskog New York meals. They automatically came with flat potato wedges. The burgers arrived after a four minute wait in grease proof paper (copying the New York style of burger joints).

McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger
Check that potato side…

On opening the wrapper we were disappointed to see that the bun looked just like a slightly larger version of the cheeseburger bun.

The bread was already damp and soggy in areas due to the greaseproof paper holding in the moisture. The size of the burger looked pretty good.

McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger
Jureskog New York Burger…

When we lifted the top bun I was annoyed, but not surprised that there were very little crispy onions and truffle mayonnaise.

McDonald's Jureskog New York Burge
Lifting the lid…

Cutting the burger in two we noticed immediately that the meat in this burger is much more moist and tender than that if it was a quarter pounder. Two gherkins were under the lowest patty and the cheddar cheese was slightly melted.

McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger
Expert cross-section shot…

First bite of the burger and I was really happy with the texture and feel in my mouth.

The first taste was a strong mushroom taste (“truffle”) followed by mayo and mild cheddar cheese. I was glad for the gherkins as there were not enough crispy onions to break up the softness of the burger.

To be honest, it is the best quality meat and texture in a McDonald’s burger that I have experienced and Karl commented the same.

If McDonald’s take that same quality meat into the next burgers in the Jureskog range they could be on to something special.

Karl would have liked a bit more “crunch” in the burger and I can agree with that. Also, for some reason, I couldn’t get the thought of a BK Mushroom Swiss out of my mind even though this was a different class.

I watched the episode when Johan created this burger in New York and he used real truffles, hung beef from one of the best suppliers in the USA (who will be supplying him for the world championships that the show will culminate with) and the McDonald’s burger was never going to live up to that.

It feels like a tribute band version of the real deal – does the job and you like the tunes, but reminds you of how good the original must have been…


McDonald’s Jureskog New York Burger
Latest McD Sweden Promo…

Jureskog New York









  • Fantastic texture, moisture and quality for McDonald’s
  • Decent size
  • No ketchup or mustard!


  • Not enough crispy onions
  • Bun
  • Truffle flavour tastes like artificial mushroom