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McDonald’s Italy Great Tastes of America 2016

McDonald’s Italy Great Tastes of America 2016 promotion includes McLobster

For the latest information on the 2016 UK Great Tastes of America promotion click here.

Great Tastes of America returns to McDonald’s Italy starting today (Friday 8th January 2016).

Up first in the promotion is the New York inspired 684 kcal Empire Classic – featuring crispy bacon, fresh onion, melted cheese and lettuce alongside three sauces (ketchup, mayo and mustard).

This is a basic re-jig of the ever present New York Classic.

Week two sees the Route 66 Smoky Bacon which hails from Arizona and is available from 15th January.

Week three sees a familiar flavour from McDonald’s – the Texas Ranch BBQ burger which is on-sale from 22nd January.

Week four starts on 29th January and up next is the Los Angeles Hollywood Supreme.

The Great Tastes of America promotion ends in week five with the Florida inspired Ocean Drive which is in restaurants from 5th February.

Interestingly running alongside this for the five weeks is the Maine Lobster – if you remember, McDonald’s Italy had the McLobster in the Limited Edition Expo menu.

There is also the Colorado Chicken Bacon which is pictured alongside a pint of Budweiser – yes Europeans have been enjoying a beer with their food for a long time now.

Sides available during the “authentic taste of the US” include Chicken Wings, Gamberi (prawns/shrimp) and a Peanut Chocolate McFlurry.

What do you think of the McDonald’s Italy Great Tastes of America promotion?

Would you like to see the Maine Lobster/McLobster run during the UK version which we included on our 2016 wish list?

And what do you think of the unique star-shaped buns which is a first for McDonald’s. Could you see those making their way to the UK in the future?

Are you travelling to Italy during these dates and will try the promo?

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