McDonald’s Italy Festive Menu

McDonald’s Italy releases Il Menu Delle Feste

From Tuesday 1st December until Monday 28th December the Festive Menu at McDonald’s Italy will feature two burgers.

McDonald's Italy Il Menu Delle Feste
McDonald’s Italy Festive Menu…

Up first, is the Festive Deluxe with Brie and Bacon.

This burger features creamy brie cheese, crispy bacon and salad on a special granary bread and weighs in at 782 kcal.

Running alongside this is the Festive Supreme with Raclette and Mushrooms.

“The taste of winter” is described as including tasty mushrooms, stringy Raclette cheese and salad all contained within a quinoa burger bun. Nutritionally this clocks in lower at 612 kcal.

McDonald's Italy Il Menu Delle Feste
The taste of winter…

Are you travelling to Italy between these days? Will you be trying the Festive Deluxe or Festive Supreme or both?

How do you think McDonald’s Italy compares to the Festive Menu at McDonald’s in the UK?

Let us know via the usual channels.

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