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McDonald’s Hungary Foie Gras Burger

McDonald's Foie Gras Burger

McDonald’s Hungary Foie Gras and Magyar Hetek Promotional Burgers


McDonald’s Hungary have just updated their website with a “Magyar Hetek” promotion.

I put that in Google for a translation and got “Hungarian Weeks” back. If anyone can shed some light on the meaning then get in touch…

Anyway, McDonald’s Hungary are going up-market with their latest limited time offers, similar to The Prime range in Switzerland maybe?

The first burger is so posh it features slices of grilled Foie gras. Yes you read that correct!

This burger is called the Marhaburger Sült Libamájjal which Google translate tells us is the “Roast Beef Burger with Foie Gras”.

McDonald’s Hungary Foie Gras Burger…

Described as “Shaped pieces of beef, contact with slices grilled foie gras, sliced ​​Batavia lettuce, sliced ​​hot peppers, red onions, mild pepper sauce, hamburger bun with sesame seeds scattered.”

I’ve never personally tried Foie gras but I would definitely try this burger. The calorie count for this is 572 kcal.

Next on the list of these promotional items is the Magyaros Sertésburger Savanyú Káposztával which is translated as the “Hungarian Sauerkraut Sertésburger”.

McDonald’s Hungary Sauerkraut Burger…

This 509 kcal item is described as “Spiced pork molded pieces, paprika salami slices, pickled cabbage, red pepper sauce, corn bun.”

The final burger on this amazing promotion is the Pulykaburger Sajttal Töltve, Pirított Gombával which translates to “Pulykaburger Stuffed with Cheese, Sauteed Mushrooms.”

McDonald’s Hungary Turkey, Cheese & Mushroom Burger…

Described as “Spiced pieces of molded cheese stuffed breaded turkey breast, grilled mushrooms, sliced ​​Batavia lettuce, pepper sauce, sesame and linseeds diffuse elongated bun.”

Weighing in at 583 kcal this completes the “Hungarian Weeks” promotion which are accompanied by Four Breaded brie cheese bites with cranberry sauce and Black Pepper Potato Strips.

“Hungarian Weeks” sides…

McDonald’s Hungary have always had interesting limited time offers like the fairly recent UFO-looking “movie” Urburger and it looks like this trend is set to continue.

The recent Urburger…

Anyone travelling to Hungary or reading this from the country please get in touch if you would like to do us a guest review!

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