McDonald’s Germany Stars of America 2014

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America 2014 Burgers Released


McDonald’s Germany Stars of America promotional burgers are available now.

Well part 1 are with part 2 following from 23rd October…

We’ll update this post when we can but I’m currently working on a PC and Broadband connection that makes an old BBC Micro look as efficent as the U-Bahn.

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America
Stars of America Part 1…

Anyway… here’s what the Google translation throws at us…

Your culinary trip to the USA leads you in two stages of the highlights real burger culture.

In part 1 we start legendary.

The Steakhouse Beef Classic and the Classic Beef Cheese’n you discover true American burger enjoyment.

Part 2 is waiting for you with a true classic, the NY Beef Classic, and our new, the BBQ Bacon Classic, which lets you melt pure American feeling on the tongue.

In the land of unlimited possibilities taste of course there’s much more to discover. Join us, now and enjoy the Stars of America at McDonald’s.

So we have the Steakhouse Beef Classic

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America
Steakhouse Beef Classic…

Here is the description via Google translate:

The Burger-Original and one of our All-Time Favourites: Best beef in double meets crispy bacon and our legendary Steak House Sauce for a lot of “Oh yes”.

And then the Cheese’N Beef Classic which I would really like to try…

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America
Cheese’N Beef Classic…

For real fans Burger: Juicy beef, crispy fried onions on this sandwich a creamy sauce and triple Cheese-kick.

Then from 23rd October there is the BBQ Bacon Classic

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America
BBQ Bacon Classic…

The new: Fresh tomato, crisp salad, best beef, crispy bacon and typical, smoky barbecue sauce. This Burger promises absolute Barbecue feeling in every …

And the N.Y. Beef Classic

McDonald’s Germany Stars of America
N.Y. Beef Classic…

The taste only the original: Tasty beef, crisp lettuce, pickled cucumber and mild sauce sandwich. Welcome to New York with our classic brands.

All of these burgers are being served up USA style with side orders of Chicken Box (12 Chicken McNuggets & 6 Spicy Chicken Wings), Chicken Wings and American Fries.

Believe me it would have been quicker to fly to Germany and back to review these burgers than it took to load this laptop, remember the password and then get everything loaded up.

We’ll update this with the translated descriptions in the next 24 hours…

And if any of our German followers want to review one or all of the Stars of America burgers then please get in touch via the usual channels.

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