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McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken One

McDonald's Garlic Mayo Chicken One

Review of McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken One Wrap

What they say:

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One is a sensational combination of crispy or new grilled chicken with garlic mayo, tomato, crisp lettuce and cucumber in a soft toasted tortilla wrap. Freshly prepared and ready to eat on the go!

Price: £2.99 or £1.99 on Wrap of the Day.

Calories: 345/479 kcal (Grilled/Crispy).

McDonald’s have added the Garlic Mayo Chicken One to their Big Flavour Wrap line-up.

This marks the death knell for the BBQ Pulled Pork One. I won’t miss this wrap, and out of the original four released, got the least favourable review of the range.

Big Flavour Wrap re-branding…

In its place is the new Garlic Mayo Chicken One which will become the Wrap of the Day every Wednesday priced at £1.99 (normally £2.99).

So lucky for me it was a Wednesday I made a trip to McDonald’s to try this on its first day of release.

McDonald’s have changed the packaging for the Big Flavour Wrap range and all will now come in the yellow and black branding in the picture above.

I wasn’t asked whether I wanted the crispy or grilled chicken option and luckily for me I got the crispy as default.

Timings-wise this took AGES to arrive.

I was stood waiting for this and the new BBQ Chicken BLC and instead of handing me the BLC (I had said I was eating in but still got a takeaway bag) they left it waiting.

When I was told it would be “another minute or two” I asked for the BLC and sauntered off to a waiting table.

My wrap arrived with an apology (I did say I appreciated the delay due to the time of day) and I took to the task of reviewing the Garlic Mayo Chicken One.

Now wraps are incredibly difficult to photograph and give the product any true justice, but this looked like it was packing a fair amount of ingredients – the tortilla wrap was literally bulging!

McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken One…

On-board, you’ve got a fair amount of lettuce with two big Chicken Selects.

I removed the tomato slice but this was big, thickly cut and glisteningly fresh. To be fair I looked at it and thought “actually that looks pretty good”. A slight residue of the tomato remained inside but I’m never going to be a fan.

There was also three, maybe four chunky cut pieces of cucumber which had their trademark fresh, watery taste. It’s all pretty good as a combination but I’d hardly describe it as “sensational”.

The garlic mayo was definitely the biggest let-down. It was pretty faint and I barely picked up a hint of garlic which was a shame. It wasn’t the normal mayo they use so it’s disappointing as I was expecting something a lot stronger.

Unwrapping the wrap…

At £1.99 on the Wednesday for Wrap of the Day it’s certainly worth trying it you’re into your McDonald’s Wraps.

I’m still quite confused, as the Pulled Pork One (I repeat, not sad to see this disappear!) was £1.99 on Wednesday and Friday, but as of writing, this new Garlic One is listed only as Wednesday.

So which one is Friday now!? UPDATE: Hot Peri Peri Chicken One is now Fridays too.

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One Big Flavour Wrap was worth a try but for me I’ll stick to the burgers thanks.

There’s no arguing that the standard of the Chicken Selects is very good and alongside some thickly cut and superbly fresh salad this is a decent wrap.

The mayo lets it down and I was expecting a much stronger hint of garlic. At 479 calories for the crispy option it’s certainly respectable if you fancy something a little lighter at lunch.

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