McDonald’s EURO 2016 Burgers

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List of McDonald’s EURO 2016 Burgers

Forget the office sweepstake – this is the only EURO 2016 list you need to see!

Two years ago, we provided you with the most comprehensive list on the planet of all the McDonald’s World Cup 2014 burgers.

Now on the eve of the EURO 2016 football (or soccer) tournament, we’re bringing you a look at every single promotional burger currently on the menu at McDonald’s, for each of the participating countries (where applicable).

Not every burger listed is a EURO 2016-inspired burger but for completeness we’ve included everything. There’s also a couple of non-participating countries limited time offers listed below.

And up first…

Albania – No McDonald’s. Good start!

Austria – My Burger (Austrian brand for Create Your Taste)

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Belgium – Red Devils

Croatia – Grand Big Mac & Chicken Big Mac

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Czech Republic – McWrap Fusion

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

England – Big Tasty – review here

France – Triple Cheese

Germany – Deutschland Burger

Hungary – Camembert Burgers

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Iceland – No McDonald’s

Italy – Standard menu (McAngus just finished)

Northern Ireland – see England

Poland – Burger Master & Turkey with Cheese & Mushrooms

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Portugal – Standard menu

Republic of Ireland – BBQ Smokehouse – review here

Romania – McMici & Olteneşti Sausages

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Russia – Chicken Big Mac

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Slovakia – See Czech Republic

Spain – Grand Big Mac

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Sweden – Jureskog Texas – review here

Switzerland – Pulled Pork Burger (also have Coca-Cola Glasses)

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Turkey – Max Burger

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers

Ukraine – Billy Bacon & Johnny Cheese

Wales – see England

Also branded as EURO 2016 promotional burgers in Cyprus (Tastes of the World) and ball-shaped buns in Thailand.

McDonald's EURO 2016 Burgers...

What do you think of the burgers currently on offer to coincide with the EURO 2016 tournament?

Are there any particular burgers you’d like to see on the UK menu?

Are the days of the UK having a football tournament inspired burger (i.e. The Hat Trick or Cheese & Bacon Striker) long gone?

Personally, I don’t think you can beat the blue bun limited time offering from French burger chain Speed Burger.

Let us know your thoughts and comments via the usual channels.

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