McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef

Review of McDonald’s Hong Kong Eggcellent Silly Double Beef


What they say:

Not available.

Price: HK$33.00 for a combo meal (approx. £2.80).

Calories: Unknown.

Recently I was talking to Miss Milkshake about the pros and cons of guest reviews. In the end we/I established that we would continue to do them if any of the following conditions were met:

– High profile on Twitter and/or
– Professional writer and/or
– Overseas McDonald’s/Burger King

Well one out of three isn’t bad. I jest. We’re hoping this is the first of many, as our Commissioner for Secret Menu Items makes his maiden voyage into the fast food lane. And what a way to make a debut… with the McDonald’s Hong Kong, Eggcellent Silly Double Beef.


It’s a fusion of cultures in Hong Kong, where British and Chinese lifestyles and business come together based on our historical connections – and currently at McDonald’s it’s a fusion of breakfast and dinner with the Eggcellent Silly Double Beef.

The burger’s made up of a couple beef patties, cheese, an egg plus the peppery sauce, all welcomed onto your table in a Minions themed promotional box.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
Minions promotional packaging…

The burger has an interesting look, and one that this reviewer was keen to explore and intrigued how the composition tasted on its way to my gullet.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
Top down view of the Silly Double Beef…

A self-imposed burger slide occurred when I grabbed the burger, thanks in part to my ogre-like hands, but also an excessive amount of peppery sauce, causing the ingredients to drift off-centre on their way to my mouth.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
McDonald’s Hong Kong Eggcellent Silly Double Beef…

The pepper sauce was overpowering. Had I not seen the egg, I wouldn’t have known it was part of the Eggcellent Silly Double Beef, for all its flavour and texture was devoid throughout my mastication.

The two beef patties were required though as their taste came through to me on a level of a Big Mac, one meaty circle wouldn’t have been enough. The cheese was just about there and it contributed to the overall experience without becoming too much of a stand-alone aspect.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
Lifting the lid overseas…

Several other patrons were seen enjoying the Silly Beef in the restaurant, choosing to indulge in it when the Create Your Taste touch screen was on offer, and they looked more than happy with their decision.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
Create Your Taste in Hong Kong…

If/when this burger returns in another guise though, likely when another pop-culture phenomenon warrants another promotional item, then the volume of sauce could be reduced – less is definitely more in this case.

McDonald’s Eggcellent Silly Double Beef
Inside the Eggcellent Silly Double Beef…


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