McDonald’s Deutschland Burger

Review of McDonald’s Deutschland Burger – Germany

What they say:

Our starting players for UEFA EURO 2016™! With 100% beef from Germany, bacon, cheese preparation “Pepper Jack”, red onion and spicy sauce herb butter Style. A powerhouse!

Price: €5.49 for the burger only (approx £4.20). Meal €7.79 (£6.00).

Calories: 678 kcal.

As I live in Hamburg Germany, the home of the Hamburger there is a surprising amount of Hamburger Restaurants for me to visit. Being a MASSIVE fan of burgers the choice can be overwhelming.

As most of you will know the UEFA European Championship is in full swing and McDonald’s have released in Germany the ‘Fan Burger’ so it’s with great pleasure I present this review!

I was very much looking forward to trying this burger, caught up in the wave of the tournament and looking at the ingredients and pictures, like the German nation for their football team. Expectations were high.

Packaging was eye catching with the German flag and the 100% German beef sign. Like the name this Burger is all German.

McDonald’s Deutschland Burger
McDonald’s Deutschland Burger…

Inside revealed a nice bread bun, 2 x beef patties 2 x bacon strips, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, Rucola in a herb sauce. All very tidy and well packed. Things were looking up!

Now for the tasting. The initial bite produced a dry dull taste and the subsequent bites too.

The salad was fresh and crunchy the meat tasty but it just didn’t work together the exact opposite of the German National Football team!

Only towards the end did I get the herby sauce coming through which did help recover but unfortunately it was a little too late by then.

McDonald’s Deutschland Burger
Lifting the lid…

I was not impressed by the Deutschland Burger – A stark contrast to some of the Guest burger McDonald’s Germany has had in recent months.

If the German Team plays like the Deutschland Burger tastes Germany will definitely not be the Europameister!

Scott Duncan


Deutschland Burger









  • Looked fantastic
  • Well made


  • Dry - Sauce came in too late (maybe bad distribution)
  • All ingredients did not complement each other

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  • 26/06/2016 at 9:15 am

    Great Review, pity that the burger didn’t match up

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