McDonald’s China Black and White Snoopy Burgers

McDonald’s China Black and White Burgers

We recently reported on McDonald’s Thailand releasing The Peanuts Movie promotional tie-in Snoopy Black Burger.

Well China have gone one better and released both a black and white burger (it’s not the first time black and white burgers have been available there and you can see a picture of the 2012 editions in the link above).

McDonald's China Black and White Burgers
Black and White return to McDonald’s China…

My Chinese isn’t quite what it once was and Google translate isn’t very helpful on this occasion, but there are mentions of “Thai”, “Sichuan” and “Chicken or Pork?”

Our guess is that it is some sort of pulled pork and/or chicken in one of the flavourings above. Each burger appears in the promotional picture with green leaf lettuce.

McDonald's China Black and White Burgers
McDonald’s Snoopy Promotion…

Our tweet revealing the release of the Grey/Gray “Modern Burger” was shared worldwide so keep a look out for this latest promotion making news in the next few days…

So black and white bun burgers return to McDonald’s China.

Are you travelling there soon? Would you try one or both? And what chances of them every appearing in the UK?

Let us know your thoughts via the usual channels.

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