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McDonald’s Chicken Wings

McDonald's Chicken Wings

McDonald’s Chicken Wings – Belgium

What they say:

Our chicken wings are now also available in portions of 5, a la carte or McMenu with a drink and a portion of fries or a small salad.

Price: €2.50.

Calories: 157 kcal for 3 wings.

McDonald’s Belgium are just one of many countries that have Chicken Wings on their menu. And they are good!

Priced at approximately £2.25 these are not cheap for what they are.

The McDonald’s Chicken Wings are certainly worth a try if you have the chance and (in Belgium) come in a portion of three or five – five wings in Bruges will set you back £3.74.

You can get the five wing option as part of the McMenu priced at £6.09 for a medium or £6.63 for a large meal – the price is certainly high for what I would consider a more premium side dish from the Golden Arches.

In Belgium, there is also a Sharing Box option which includes nine Chicken McNuggets and six Chicken Wings – in Bruges, this was on the menu for €8.45 (£7.62).

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from McDonald’s Chicken Wings but they are certainly recommended.

As we said above, they come at a cost – 75p per wing at this size and from a fast food chain is not good business for the consumer!

Taste-wise they are pretty enjoyable.

They don’t come with a particular flavour or seasoning but are beautifully crispy and satisfyingly more-ish. Would I have them again? Most definitely!

I’d love to see them available in the UK as many, many countries around the world have Chicken Wings on their menu at McDonald’s.

I actually can’t remember if these have ever been available in UK restaurants so if they ever were, please let us know in the comments section below.

McDonald’s Chicken Wings are small… vastly over-priced but very commendable in taste and texture. And they’re something different to what we normally get in the UK so who wouldn’t try them!?

The price point is not great, but if you are in a country where you have the opportunity to sample them they are definitely worth a try.

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