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McDonald’s Cheese & Herb Melts

McDonald's Cheese & Herb Melts

Review of McDonald’s Cheese & Herb Melts

What they say:

A portion of 5 melts made with a blend of Emmental and Mozzarella cheese in a herby seasoned crumb, served with a Rich Tomato Dip.

Cost: £1.59.

Calories: 241 kcal.

Available from Wednesday 4th October until Tuesday 14th November, the Cheese & Herb Melts are the latest of a long line of cheese sides from McDonald’s.

I’m sure there was a time when a cheesy side dish was merely a fleeting addition to the McDonald’s menu boards; thankfully it looks like they are here to stay in some form or another, and that is something I am wholeheartedly in favour of.

The Cheese & Herb Melts, running alongside the GTW promo, are five bite-size chunks of hot, melted cheese in a herb-infused crispy breadcrumb coating *makes a face resembling a drooling emoji* served with their classic Rich Tomato Dip.

Personally, I’d put the cheese somewhere between a cheddar and a mozzarella.

It has a distinctive ‘pizza cheese’ quality to it – not too dissimilar to the kind of cheese you’d get in a stuffed crust pizza, although thankfully not nearly as rubbery.

It has a stronger, cheesier flavour than mozzarella, but still captures that gooey, almost stringy texture of a mozzarella cheese.

The breadcrumbs are on point. Perfectly golden, with just the right amount of crunch, and exactly what you’d want your squidgy nuggets of hot cheese wrapped in. Oosh!

The herbs are incredibly subtle though – so subtle that ‘Cheese Bites with a Hint of Herbs’ would be a more accurate description.

You can just about make out a few green flecks on the crispy coating, but while you can taste the herbs there just isn’t enough flavour to live up to their name in my opinion.

The other minor niggle, is that they still aren’t as good as the Nacho Cheese Wedges! They really need to make a comeback…

Ultimately, would I get them again? Yes. They are certainly very tasty, and at £1.59 for 5 decent-sized bites and a dip I’d say they’re also good value for money.

I’d much rather order these as a side than something like onion rings, and in an ideal world I’d even upgrade my fries for a bag of these instead.

Definitely a welcome addition to the menu, and I’ll be trying them again before this promotion runs out!

MM x


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