McDonald’s Canada McTasters

McDonald’s Canada releases The Greek and The Italian McTasters

As reported by Grub Grade, McDonald’s Canada have released two new burgers called The Greek McTaster and The Italian McTaster.

McDonald's McTasters
McDonald’s McTasters…

Introduced to stores from 14th January and lasting until 4th April, the McTasters are described as “A new selection of recipes that invite you to discover unique flavours inspired by McDonald’s around the world.

Made with 100% Canadian beef or chicken, these freshly prepared burgers feature flavourful sauces, premium breads and authentic cheeses.”

Each burger is priced at $2.99 (plus tax). The Greek features a Mediterranean Olive sauce on a beef patty, while The Italian is a Junior Chicken patty topped with Parmesan cheese flakes and a Parmesan and Italian herb sauce.

McDonald's McTasters
The Greek and The Italian McTasters…

Running alongside the McTasters are the Blueberry Maple Warm Baked Pie, McCafe Valentine Mocha or Deluxe Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Cookies, Maple and Whipped Cream Latte, Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry and the ever-popular Shamrock Shake.

The Italian McTaster clocks in at 370kcal.


The Greek McTaster is less at 330kcal.


What do you think of the McTasters? Would it be something you’d like to see in the UK?

Are you travelling to Canada during this time and will get to sample the McTasters?

Let us know your thoughts via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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One thought on “McDonald’s Canada McTasters

  • 23/01/2016 at 1:31 am


    I'm from Canada, we just got the McTasters at our store last week.

    I have to say – the Italian McTaster is absolutely amazing! The parmesan cheese with the junior chicken patty makes it essentially a Chicken Penne Pasta flavor, but in a sandwich.

    I'm not sure if the UK has Mediterranean McWraps – the Feta sauce, hummus, red onion, crispy onion, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. However, the Greek taster is essentially the same, except with Black Olive sauce, no hummus/Cucumber/Crispy onion, but add a 10:1 beef patty featured on all of our Value Pick items.

    I like the Italian the most. The greek is good, but Italian has become my new CRAVE-ourite.

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