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McDonald’s BBQ Chicken BLC

McDonald's BBQ Chicken BLC

Review of McDonald’s BBQ Chicken BLC

What they say:

Crispy coated chicken patty with BBQ sauce, long rashers of bacon, cheese and lettuce in a toasted bun.

Price: £1.49.

Calories: 399 kcal.

McDonald’s have re-vamped the Saver Menu slightly with the removal of the Chicken BLC and Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken – you can check out our review from January 2014 here.

We tweeted this rumour one week ago and have waited until today for the latest addition to the McDonald’s menu – the BBQ Chicken BLC.

New McDonald’s BBQ Chicken BLC…

I have always been a fan of the Chicken BLC – this affection (and its low price) was the reason I used it in my Ice Bucket challenge video.

It’s also a common go-to as a Big Mac chaser when I fancy a quick, cheap, chicken burger. So while sad to see the end of it, I was looking forward to trying the BBQ replacement.

It’s not going to be the greatest burger ever at £1.49, but weighing in at a respectable 399 calories it’s worth a punt on day of release.

I had to wait for a while for this to be made-up but I was glad as 1) it was on the menu board and 2) the staff knew what it was when I placed my order.

I was also taste testing the new Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Big Flavour Wrap) so had to wait for this to be made (more in that review).

After a bit more of a wait I got to check the BBQ Chicken BLC out.

Latest addition to the Saver Menu…

It’s got its own wrapping similar to the standard Cheeseburger wrap you get at McDonald’s. The new BLC had been put together with some consideration but it did look a tad messy.

The crispy coated chicken patty is actually quite good and for the price it’s certainly worth trying. It’s the same one they used on the previous BLC so if you know that one you’ll not be surprised.

The BBQ sauce is fairly sweet. There wasn’t much of it on my build but I think I prefer this to the now defunct mayo version.

I didn’t take the time to measure just how long the rashers of bacon were on the BBQ Chicken BLC. Nonetheless, they were welcome all the same and a pretty decent standard too I’ll add.

Lifting the lid…

Cheese was the standard issue – obviously because of the timing of my visit this had been made fresh to order so it was un-melted. I actually prefer this so no complaints here.

And finally, there’s oodles of lettuce which was crispy and extremely fresh. I would add that it is the haphazard nature in which this applied that lets the presentation aspect down.

But what do you expect? It’s a £1.49 chicken burger on the Saver Menu – it’s not going to be presented with precise execution and finesse.

Personally, I’d like to see something similar to the Western Beef available in Germany (with crispy onions) or the one burger I think would do very well on the Saver Menu – the USA Jalapeño Double. Hopefully one day…

In the meantime, the BBQ Chicken BLC is a decent entry to the budget end of the McDonald’s menu and is a worthy successor to the original BLC.

The sauce could definitely get some more oomph to it but with bacon, cheese and lettuce and that crispy chicken patty, at £1.49 it offers extremely good value and will now be my pick for a Big Mac chaser.

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