McDonald’s Bacon Double Big Mac

McDonald’s Bacon Double Big Mac

2018 has seen the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac at McDonald’s.

As predicted by BURGER LAD®, this has been a worldwide event, giving customers Big Mac variations such as the Grand Big Mac, Mac Jr., Double Big Mac, Bacon Big Mac and the Big Mac BLT.

McDonald’s Costa Rica has possibly saved the best until last.

After a tweet yesterday, the king of the menu hack, Admiral Burgerbar was on a mission. Read on…

Cause and effect…. it’s insurmountable. McDonald’s in Costa Rica releases a Bacon Double Big Mac – Burger Lad is first to tweet the news – my Burger-tummy sends me immediately to the Golden Arches without passing Go.

McDonald's Bacon Double Big Mac

This one is not hard to make, and I had two options.

My preference was to show the photo and ask my branch to build it, as all the ingredients are there (not always the case with many of the overseas promos).

However, the restaurant was very busy and I decided not to, heading instead to the touchscreens where you can customise your order (within limited parameters).

So, if you don’t want to know how to get a Bacon Double Big Mac in the UK, and change from a fiver, then look away now.

McDonald's Bacon Double Big Mac

The first thing about the Costa Rica promo image is that it has double most things except cheese.

Double toppings, double beef, obviously, but the lack of a second slice of cheese seemed like a glaring omission.

It took everything I had not to add that in as part of the customisation, but I wanted to make this as true to the original as possible.

McDonald's Bacon Double Big Mac

So, you order a Big Mac, and you add bacon for 40p, and then you add extra pickle, lettuce, onions and Big Mac sauce.

Then you order a double cheeseburger and do the opposite – remove cheese, mustard, ketchup etc, and you can even remove the bun.

OK, it is going to look a little odd at the grill, wrapping up two beef patties on their own but so what. We need 2 extra 1.6oz patties for this one and that’s the best way to get it.

It comes to £4.98. Not bad, eh? You can even do it cheaper with a £1.99 Big Mac & Fries via Food for Thoughts!

When it’s brought to the table, obviously you need to do a little DIY, but if you remember to remove all the sauces from the double cheese, then it’s simple – just add the extra beef to each layer of your pumped-up Big Mac, and voila, that’s it. Just the one slice of cheese though if you really want to pay homage to the “original”.

McDonald's Bacon Double Big Mac

What do I think?

Well, the best thing about this is that it does make the Big Mac big again (wasn’t that a political slogan?) and it’s straightforward to make.

This is properly beefy, which isn’t surprising, and the double pickles are prominent. It most definitely is a Big Mac, unmistakably so, just one that’s been tuned in all the best ways (except that missing slice of cheese).

The bacon is somewhat less prominent, due to the Special Sauce, but you do get it and I think bacon suits the Big Mac really well, double or not.

McDonald's Bacon Double Big Mac

I’m fairly sure my build was the same as the Costa Rica version although it was considerably more wonky and heavy on the lettuce.

But it was substantial, and thoroughly enjoyable. And frankly, if you’ve been reading / talking / posting about this on social media, but haven’t tried one yet, what gives?

Go and get a McDonald’s Bacon Double Big Mac in the UK now, and get change from five quid. Thank me later.

Admiral Burgerbar