McDonald’s Arabia Big Tasty Range

McDonald’s Arabia releases new Big Tasty Range including Big Tasty Spicy and Big Tasty Mushroom Melt

On the eve of the Big Tasty returning to the UK, McDonald’s Arabia have launched a new Big Tasty Range promotion.

McDonald's Arabia Big Tasty Range
McDonald’s Arabia Big Tasty Range…

Alongside the standard Big Tasty there are two new variations of the popular burger (also known as the Big N’ Tasty in some markets).

Up first, Big Tasty Mushroom Melt.

Ingredients on the mushroom version of the Big Tasty include: Black Pepper Mayo, Crispy Lettuce, Grilled Onions, Juicy Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Emmental Cheese.

Big Tasty Mushroom Melt
Big Tasty Mushroom Melt…

The other burger in the range is the Big Tasty Spicy which features Harissa Ranch Sauce, Crispy Lettuce, Juicy Tomatoes, Fiery Jalapeños and Emmental Cheese.

Big Tasty Spicy
Big Tasty Spicy…

What do you think of the Big Tasty Range?

As it is so popular in the UK would you like to see variations like the McDonald’s Arabia promotion?

Would mushrooms be popular on a High Street burger?

Is the Big Tasty Spicy too similar to the current Signature Collection The Spicy burger to see it released over here?

Let us know your thoughts and comments via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

You can see the YouTube video above and more information is available on the McDonald’s Arabia website.

McDonald's Big Tasty Range
Big Tasty Range…

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    Oh man that Mushroom melt looks sooo good! Pleased I found this site, I’m loving it!

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