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McDonald’s 1955 Burger

McDonald's 1955 Burger

Review of McDonald’s 1955 Burger


What they say:

Inspired by the 50s, served today with 100% beef, bacon, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, caramelised onions, seasoned ketchup and our special smoky sauce.

Price: £4.09 for the burger only.

Calories: 660 kcal.

McDonald’s re-releases the 1955 Burger in 2013 and Burger Lad® decides to give it one more chance…

I first tried the 1955 burger during the infamous “Burgers in Berlin” tour and on that occasion I really was not impressed. When I saw this was coming to the UK I decided I would give it a miss but after some reflection had a change of heart. I am pretty certain the German version was lacking the “special smoky sauce” so wanted to see how it compared.

The Head of UK Communications had also tweeted me on the day of release asking me to check it out so with that sort of invitation who was I to refuse?

Copyright McDonald’s UK…

Now when we created the Marty McFry burger we would have loved to use this as 1955 is the year Marty travels to in Back to the Future but instead we went with the Big Mac. We’ll get around to creating some new secret menu items soon but in the meantime let’s step in the DeLorean and revisit 1955…

It’s amazing what you can achieve in half an hour on a rainy and blustery day. I left the office, went through the drive-thru, did the usual photo shoot and filmed an episode of Burger Lad® TV in addition to actually eating the damn thing and getting back. So how was it this time around?

The burger was handed to me very quickly. Too quickly for my liking and two words echoed from a voice in my head…”burger slide”. But I was surprised as the 1955 had not suffered from this infliction but it was lukewarm so I’d bet a pretty penny it had been sat waiting for the midday Maccies masses.

I’m lovin’ a promotional box shot…

The cost hurt me a bit at £4.09 considering earlier in the week I had been to The Tavern and had their amazing burger, fries and a pint Monday deal all for ten of your English pounds.


I am not a fan of fresh tomato but I made myself try the burger as it was intended. There were two huge slices on-board and anyone that is a fan of tomato on their burger would enjoy this. But not me – the flavour is too distinct for my liking so I removed them and carried on.

Big money, Big Prizes, Big Tomatoes…

The patty is very big on the 1955 burger and I can see why it would weigh-in at 660 calories. It was bordering on dry but there was a slight taste of beef and overall had no major complaints. The bacon on board was a bit of a sad state. It looked dwarfed sat on top of the patty below and I wondered if I had been short changed in the bacon department.

The real 1955 burger…

An element of the 1955 I was really looking forward to was the smoky sauce. It was quite faint but by the end of the burger you could distinguish it and it gave a semi-pleasant after taste. I was glad too as the ketchup lingered with it but luckily for me it wasn’t as sickly sweet as most ketchup can be.

Now the caramelised onions on the Berlin version were pretty impressive but on this there were not enough of the things. You could taste them (although not as sharp as fresh onions) but I just found they lacked something. Maybe a few more would have changed the impression I had of the 1955. They were cut quite big as well compared to their German cousins and could possibly have done with more “caramelisation”.

The return of the lift the lid…

The bun was a decent size and coped admirably with its contents but some of the lettuce spilled out into my car (I really must get myself back in the restaurant). Due to the sheer size (and trying to talk to my iPad) it took me a while to eat this.

Judging by the Facebook comments I would say this is a pretty popular limited time offer so imagine it will do well in the number of units sold. The BCO is also running alongside the 1955 as well as some tempting sounding Spicy Chicken McBites.

Did this beat its Berlin Brother…?

The McDonald’s 1955 burger is fairly enjoyable, “alright” even. I can’t say I will be having another because at 660 calories and £4.09 it is quite expensive for what it is. I believe this will be the last limited time offer before we get the Christmas promotions but again I may be proved wrong.

If you haven’t tried this before and you are a fan of fresh tomato then I would recommend it to you. The smoky sauce does give it a pleasant after taste but I was disappointed with the onions and bacon. You can see my full reaction to it, filmed on a secret burger location on our latest episode of Burger Lad® TV:

In the meantime let’s take one last look at the 2013 release of the 1955 burger from McDonald’s with new improved recipe. Was it a mouth-watering trip back in time for me? I’ll let you decide on this occasion.

Last promotion before Christmas…?

Burger Lad®

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