Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream

Review of Max Burgers Sweden Bacon BBQ Dream


What they say:

Max is Sweden’s oldest and most popular hamburger chain! We started back in 1968. The aim is the same as 47 years ago – with the best ingredients we should serve the tastiest hamburgers.

Price: 108kr for plus menu and fries upgrade (approx. £10).

Calories: 928 kcal.

I can’t thank my old school buddy enough for his amazing review of Max Burgers direct to you from Stockholm, Sweden.

Ladies and Gentleman in association with Burger Lad® Serge presents the Bacon BBQ Dream…

Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream
About MAX Burgers…

About MAX:

The photo above is about MAX: What makes it Sweden’s best chain?

Well it’s not like any other burger chain…

Only Swedish meat, free Wi-Fi, burgers made to order, climate compensated by planting trees in Africa, family owned since 1968, no added taste enhancers or preservatives.

Free newspapers every day, charging stations for electric cars, most restaurants are environmentally friendly buildings, the restaurants are powered by wind energy.

Max is voted Sweden’s favourite Hamburger chain year after year.

You won’t find a sweaty, cold hamburger sitting on the side waiting for you when you arrive.

EVERY hamburger is made to order. You will have to wait longer than other fast food chains because, well, this is a real burger.

BBQ Bacon Dream:

I have been waiting to try this burger for a long time! And I promised Burger Lad® that I would do a guest review when I did.

Swedish beef, bacon, BBQ sauce, onion rings, salted cucumber, Emmental cheese, mayo in a ”Frisco” bun (MAX’s saffron scented bun). Sounds good right?

Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream
The latest limited special…

I didn’t stop there though… because they had chilli, cheese and bacon fries on the menu…

Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream
What you get for around £10…

The food took 6 minutes to be prepared. Everything was hot when it arrived.

On first opening the fries they looked like a mess. Crispy fries, red onion, jalapeños, bacon, nacho cheese and sour cream.

This was a meal in itself… so I had to put it on the side to have a hope of finishing the BBQ bacon dream…

Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream
Lifting the lid at MAX…

The burger was big. Just about OK to pick up and eat.

Mayo and BBQ sauce came out of one side and I was disappointed to see that the onion rings were under the burger and not on top of it like advertised.

The Applewood bacon was minimal (but still better than other chains) and the Emmental cheese was pointless, tasteless and covered only half the burger. Salted cucumbers are fantastic in burgers, better than normal pickled gherkins in my opinion.

Max Burgers Bacon BBQ Dream
Super cross-section…

This is definitely my favourite version of the ”de-luxe” burger at MAX. 108kr for a plus menu with upgrade to chilli, cheese and bacon fries. (around 10 English pounds). Bear in mind that in Sweden a pint of beer will cost you 6-8 pounds.

The bun is soft but holds together. The meat is soft and juicy and a good thickness.

The BBQ sauce wasn’t strong enough for me, especially when it is named the ”BBQ dream”.

The onion rings became soggy because they were in the wrong place in the make-up of the burger. But I am being overly critical I think.

I thoroughly enjoyed the burger, couldn’t finish the fries or drink because I was full. Job done MAX, job done.