KFC Rio BBQ Bites

Review of KFC Rio BBQ Bites

What they say:

Discover the Explosive Flavours of Brazil. Delicious chicken Bites, smothered in either Sweet and Smoky BBQ or Fiery Chilli BBQ sauce.

Price: £1.99 (£5.99 with the Box Meal).

Calories: 375 kcal.

With the Supercharger gone (for now), KFC appears to be jumping on the Rio tie-in bandwagon, with its latest promo – Rio BBQ Bites.

Instead of a new main meal item this time, they’ve brought out two types of BBQ chicken bites which can be ordered as a side for £1.99 or as part of a box meal for £5.99.

KFC Rio BBQ Bites
One of each bite boxes…

Each container of Rio BBQ Bites comes with 4 pieces of chicken in a different type of sauce; Sweet & Smoky BBQ and/or Fiery Chilli BBQ. I’ve had the fillet burger before so decided just to test drive the bites on this occasion. For once I was effectively burger-less.

My two little pots arrived and I could see the steam – all fresh here – even before I opened the lids, I could see there was plenty of sauce inside – no skimping here.

KFC Rio BBQ Bites
Smoky on the left, Fiery on the right…

And it was also immediately obvious which was which. The smoky had a brownish hue while the redder one was clearly the “fiery”.

All eight bites, as well as being liberally dunked in their respective sauces, were also coated in KFC’s crispy crumb, which largely did remain crispy despite all the sauce.

I tried a smoky one first and right away I felt the adjective was well suited. Smoky was exactly the name of the game here.

The chicken itself, as ever, was spot on and the dousing of sauce gave a very distinct sweet-ish traditional BBQ flavour. I’m not entirely sure what it had to do with Rio or the Olympics, but I liked it.

KFC Rio BBQ Bites
Smoky bites, lots of sauce…

The other bites were noticeably spicier. KFC doesn’t seem to shirk from heat and this one is no exception. Maybe not entirely “fiery” but definitely hot. Getting through this, the heat definitely built. Very satisfying.

KFC Rio BBQ Bites
Fiery bites, also lots of sauce

At 50p per chicken bite, I’m not sure these represent terrific value, but as a one-off treat and something ever so slightly different on KFC’s menu, they are well worth trying.

I wouldn’t like to pick a favourite from the Rio BBQ Bites – I actually quite enjoyed eating them turn about and having the two types of sauce mingle in my mouth.


Rio BBQ Bites are available at KFC until Sunday 4th September.

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Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/snacks/rio-bbq-bites

Rio BBQ Bites









  • Proper spicy sauce
  • Decent sized bites


  • Value