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Review of KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger

Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/for-one/box-meals/bbq-bacon-boss-box-meal

What they say:

BBQ, Bacon, Hashbrown, cheese and our Original Recipe fillet – what more could you want in a Burger? All boxed up with a piece of our famous Original Recipe Chicken, Fries, your choice of side and a drink! #BossedIt

Price: £5.99 for the box meal.

Calories: 1,280 kcal for the box meal.

From checking their Twitter feed, it appears KFC released the BBQ Bacon Boss Box Meal on or around Thursday 15th October. It didn’t pop up on our radar until I was walking through Cheltenham town centre on Sunday when I saw the mini billboard advertising for it on a telephone box.

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
KFC promotional image…

Now the word “Boss” in the description got me semi-excited for this latest limited time promotion from The Colonel.

Why you ask? Let’s give you a bit of context you’ll not find anywhere else…

Various other countries around the world have had Kentucky Fried Chicken burgers featuring “Boss” in the name.

For the uninitiated of you, it stands for Big (or Best) Original Sanders Sandwich.

It has appeared in various guises in the likes of France, Germany, The Netherlands and Hungary but the most notable version has got to be the Canadian Big Boss – KFC’s very own version of a McDonald’s Big Mac.

The sandwich features two chicken fillets, signature “club-layer” middle bun, American cheese, lettuce, pickles and signature sauce. Like I said… KFC’s version of a Big Mac. We couldn’t possibly be getting this mighty burger in the UK could we..!?

Currently the answer is no.

KFC Big Boss
KFC Canada Big Boss…

A quick look at the KFC website for our German and Dutch counterparts reveal their versions of the Boss include Monterey Jack Cheese, creamy pepper mayonnaise and either Texan BBQ sauce or special BOSS sauce. So what incarnation of the Boss does the UK get to have you ask yourselves?

The answer is… a moderately lazy promotional item featuring BBQ sauce.

If you stand it side-by-side with The Daddy Burger (previously Big Daddy Burger) there is very little difference between the two. KFC have literally held the fresh tomato slice on the Boss and switched the ketchup for BBQ sauce.

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger…

Anyway, the evening went something like this…

Parked at KFC (like a boss)

Queued for 10 minutes (like a boss)

Placed my order (like a boss)

Had a side of beans (like a boss)

Paid contactless (like a boss)

Picked my table (like a boss)

Forgot my napkins (like a boss)

Ate the chicken burger (like a boss)

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
Lazy promotional item…!?

After the TEN minute wait to place my order the food arrived relatively quickly.

Costing £5.99 for the meal this represents exceptionally good value, but clocking in at 1,280 kcal I was glad I had a little helper along to share the calorific burden.

The BBQ Bacon Boss was presented decently (no promotional box though) and actually looked good and appetising although I’m not quite sure what was going on with the crown of the bun. It looked like it had been toasted on the wrong side to me.

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
Top bun toasting error…!?

I have no complaints about the Original Recipe fillet. OK, it’s not going to win gourmet fried chicken of the year award but for an accessible, High Street chicken “burger” it’s pretty good.

You get a slight crisp from the hash brown but that soon gives way to the softness of the interior. It’s not particularly obvious it’s on-board the build but I’d rather see it on than off.

Bacon is not an overly common ingredient used by KFC and it is tucked away between the chicken fillet and hash brown. I didn’t check to see how much was actually on the BBQ Bacon Boss so you’ll have to accept my apologies on this occasion.

You can tell from the melted state of the cheese that these are made-to-order as it had only slightly melted where in contact with the chicken. Some people like this, others don’t. Personally I’ll always take this as it shows it’s not been sat around waiting in the heating bays.

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
Lifting the lid…

The burger/sandwich is finished with a garnish of slightly dark (but fresh) lettuce leaves which had been semi-carefully put on and were not overflowing all over the place.

Finally, the domineering flavour is quite rightly that BBQ sauce. After all this is the BBQ Bacon Boss! It’s certainly a strong BBQ sauce, fairly sub-standard and nothing to throw superlatives at but pleasant all the same.

I’m no fan of mayo but the one they use at KFC is actually really rather good and enjoyable. It’s got a slight tang to it and I thought it would be buried under the bold BBQ but it actually complimented it well.

Overall, this is quite a decent burger and as part of the Box Meal offers outstanding value. It’s certainly a safe play limited time offer and when comparing it to The Daddy Burger it appears quite a lazy promotional item.

Having not had a KFC for a while I very much enjoyed the BBQ Bacon Boss quite a bit. Despite this fact, I can’t help but think of it as a missed opportunity.

If the people at KFC HQ are reading this (BTW we’re still waiting for our invite) then I implore you to give releasing the Big Boss over here some consideration. I think you’d be onto a sure fire winner chicken dinner if you do. Just a thought…

Latest KFC promotional burger reviewed. Like a boss.

KFC BBQ Bacon Boss Burger
Enjoyable and outstanding value for money…

Burger Lad®

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  • 02/11/2015 at 10:39 pm

    I tried this yesterday after being haunted by the posters on bus stops haha. I really enjoyed it, but I do like BBQ sauce and something a bit different for KFC.

  • 06/11/2015 at 11:04 pm

    Be nice to be able to try one, unfortunately in this muslim country called England your not allowed bacon …

  • 09/11/2015 at 12:33 am

    Was that supposed to be funny?

  • 11/11/2015 at 9:02 pm

    My BBQ Bacon Boss DID have a tomato slice in it…clearly the burger constructor at KFC Morden thought they were making a Daddy….

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